Hit vs Krillin


Suggested by Anon Hit is one of the big Dragon Ball Super villains who got a lot of fans very quickly. It is easy to see why since he was one of the only foes to be a real threat and also stay serious. He was able to give Goku and Vegeta a good fight so I definitely don’t think Krillin would last very long here. He has grown stronger over the years and certainly isn’t a pushover but Hit is drastically stronger than him. They aren’t really in the same league. Hit wins.

Korra vs Krillin

Suggested by Eric Korra is a skilled avatar, but she is no match for Krillin. Krillin may technically be a human in DBZ world, but his abilities are on a higher level. He can destroy whole planets and his speed is at an insane level. Korra simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with him at all. It’s a pretty big mismatch and I dare say that Krillin could win this round whether he was bald or had hair. That’s just how powerful he has become over the years. Krillin wins.

Aang vs Krillin

Suggested by Eric Krillin’s a bit of a running joke among DBZ fans because his power level has always been a lot smaller than his allies. That being said, he is only relatively weak as he would be seen as a power house in most other series. He can easily destroy whole planets with a single blast and his speed is incredible. No matter how many elements Aang uses, he would simply not be able to catch Krillin and a single hit would be the end. Aang can’t overcome such a wide gap between these two. Krillin wins.

Krillin vs Pain

Pain is one of the strongest shinobi in existence, but he still won’t be able to take Krillin down for the count. Krillin has his Destructo Disc at the ready and a single shot would likely be able to break through his ninjutsu and end the battle. Pain is fast and powerful, but Krillin is one of the legendary Z Fighters! Krillin wins.

Dimentio vs Krillin

Krillin is a Z fighter, but he never gets the same level of recognition as the others. Sure, he’s very popular, but nobody thinks of him as a powerhouse. Maybe this match will change that since Krillin could quickly defeat Dimentio with a Kamehameha. Dimentio loses this round pretty quickly, but at least he got to appear again! Krillin win.

Meta Knight vs Krillin

Krillin has his Destructo Disc at the ready, but Meta Knight’s got some pretty good sword skills. In the end Krillin has some serious planet busting skills which should end the match in his favor. Meta Knight just won’t be able to stop a fully powered Kamehameha wave of such power. Krillin wins.

Krillin vs Antman

Antman can shrink and and with his intense hand to hand combat skills…he can take down many fighters. Still, one kamehameha should take him down pretty easily. Antman just can’t take down someone that powerful. Krillin’s a casual planet buster after all. Krillin wins.

Android 19000 vs Krillin

Android 19000 makes his blog debut and he’s up against Krillin! Android 19000 is rumored to be pretty powerful, but we have yet to see what he’s really capable of. For now I’d go with Krillin since he’s proven that he can fight with the best of them. Android 19000 won’t know what hit him! Krillin wins.

Puar vs Krillin

Puar is back and now he’s up against Krillin! Krillin has his destructo disc and he’s also a lot faster/stronger than Puar. Puar was never that much of a fighter. He can’t hope to keep up with someone as skilled as Krillin. Krillin’s taken on much stronger guys and won in the past. Krillin wins.

Master Roshi vs Krillin

Krillin has his legendary Destructo Disc and with it he could take Master Roshi down in one shot. Master Roshi may have been pretty fast back in his day, but that won’t be enough to stop Krillin. Krillin unlocked is full potential and he’s both faster and stronger than Master Roshi. Krillin wins.