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Ashitaka vs Aang


Suggested by JHG195 Ashitaka is a skilled bow and arrow fighter who can hit a target from basically any range. His speed is also considerable and he has a magical arm which can block most attacks while also giving him super strength. However, it will still be difficult for him to hold his own against Aang at the moment. Aang can enter his mystical avatar mode and blast Ashitaka with a the elements. Aang has can fly at high speeds and also has a degree of super strength. He’s just too versatile of a fighter to be defeated here. Aang wins.

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Aang vs Korra

Suggested by Eric This is definitely a pretty tough round. Both of these avatars have proven themselves in combat many times over. They’ve mastered all of the elements and can use the Avatar state. Korra seems to have gotten off to a faster start but by the end they were both very skilled. I’m inclined to say that Aang wins as his abilities just sound more impressive overall, but this is one of those fights that could easily change if I were to watch the show myself someday. Alternately, it could just cement Aang’s win even more. At the very least, I don’t see either of these two losing to any other Avatar characters. Aang wins.

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Aang vs Link

Suggested by Eric Aang is actually pretty strong by the end of the series and has many elemental abilities that work to his favor. That being said, he’s fighting the Hero of Time now. Link’s not just any other foe and he’s been through more dungeons than I’d like to count. He completely outmaneuvers Aang and his array of weapons will ensure that he always has the upper hand. One good Light Arrow will end this and Link’s Master Sword can also overwhelm Aang with energy blasts coupled with Link’s skilled swordplay. Link wins.

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Aang vs Krillin

Suggested by Eric Krillin’s a bit of a running joke among DBZ fans because his power level has always been a lot smaller than his allies. That being said, he is only relatively weak as he would be seen as a power house in most other series. He can easily destroy whole planets with a single blast and his speed is incredible. No matter how many elements Aang uses, he would simply not be able to catch Krillin and a single hit would be the end. Aang can’t overcome such a wide gap between these two. Krillin wins.