Bakugo vs Korra

Suggested by iKnowledge Korra is a very talented fighter who has mastery over all the elements and is good at hand to hand combat. Her explosive abilities should give Bakugo some trouble for most of the fight. She can effectively block all of his blasts for a little while. That being said, Bakugo got a pretty good power up in the movie which really amped up his abilities. Now he can break through all of her techniques with sheer power so she won’t be able to stand up to him for long. Bakugo wins.

Vexen vs Korra

Suggested by iKnowledge Vexen is a solid fighter and his shield makes for an ideal defense. It’ll be tough for Korra to actually land a lot of damage until she either breaks the shield or starts hitting around it. Still, this is something that is definitely very doable for her. She is a quick fighter and in her Avatar state her offensive abilities are nothing to sneeze at either. Vexen’s abilities are perfect for prolonging this fight, but I don’t see him being able to take the offensive at any point. Korra wins.

Will Vandom vs Korra

Suggested by iKnowledge Will Vandom is a pretty skilled fighter. She is her own energy source and has dozens of different abilities. She can basically use her energy to do whatever she wants and such a versatile power is very hard to stop. Korra is the Avatar and has her own elemental mastery, but I don’t think she will be able to keep up with Will. Will powers seem to grow stronger and stronger as she gets more experienced and while this is a close match now, it likely won’t be in the future if she keeps this up. Will Vandom wins.

Miss Arrow vs Korra

Suggested by Sonic Miss Arrow is a pretty tricky opponent. She is exceptionally good at close quarters combat, but can also fight from afar with her threads. Korra will have to be careful and anticipate every line of attack, but at the same time her stats are well above Arrow’s. Korra is a smart fighter so she will be able to fight tactically and keep the advantage. Arrow’s threads will largely be ineffective in this match-up. Korra wins.

Metamorpho vs Korra

Suggested by iKnowledge Metamorpho is a pretty strong opponent who has actually gone up against the Justice League in the past. His ability to use all of the elements makes him a very versatile threat. He is rather similar to Korra in that respect, but she has the edge here. In her ascended state switching between the elements is very easy. Her offensive capabilities are greater than Metamorpho’s and he will just have a tough time focusing on his attacks when she is blowing him all over the place with her impressive air abilities. Korra wins.

Aang vs Korra

Suggested by Eric This is definitely a pretty tough round. Both of these avatars have proven themselves in combat many times over. They’ve mastered all of the elements and can use the Avatar state. Korra seems to have gotten off to a faster start but by the end they were both very skilled. I’m inclined to say that Aang wins as his abilities just sound more impressive overall, but this is one of those fights that could easily change if I were to watch the show myself someday. Alternately, it could just cement Aang’s win even more. At the very least, I don’t see either of these two losing to any other Avatar characters. Aang wins.

Korra vs Krillin

Suggested by Eric Korra is a skilled avatar, but she is no match for Krillin. Krillin may technically be a human in DBZ world, but his abilities are on a higher level. He can destroy whole planets and his speed is at an insane level. Korra simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with him at all. It’s a pretty big mismatch and I dare say that Krillin could win this round whether he was bald or had hair. That’s just how powerful he has become over the years. Krillin wins.

Rin Tohsaka vs Korra

Rin Tohsaka is a skilled magic user whose gems can damage even the strongest of opponents. That being said, she would be thoroughly outclassed in a one on one fight against Korra if she didn’t have her servant fighter at the ready. Much like a Digimon partner or a Netnavi, characters from the Fate series typically have a legendary hero as their support. Rin got Archer in the original Fate Stay Night anime and he is quite formidable. His raw speed and power will be enough to overwhelm Korra despite her mastery over just about every element. Speed can definitely play a key role in a fight and as far as this one goes, it was certainly all that he needed, although he won’t get the credit for this victory. Rin Tohsaka wins.