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Miss Arrow vs Korra

Suggested by Sonic Miss Arrow is a pretty tricky opponent. She is exceptionally good at close quarters combat, but can also fight from afar with her threads. Korra will have to be careful and anticipate every line of attack, but at the same time her stats are well above Arrow’s. Korra is a smart fighter so she will be able to fight tactically and keep the advantage. Arrow’s threads will largely be ineffective in this match-up. Korra wins.

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The BioLizard vs Miss Arrow

Suggested by Destroyer The BioLizard has been on a roll today and it looks like that will continue here. Miss Arrow is hard to hit because she can turn into spiders and escape from attacks that way. It’s not good enough against a heat attack like BioLizard’s lasers though. They’ll just keep melting away at her until there is nothing left. Miss Arrow has no means of counter attacking either so really all she can do is delay the inevitable. That’s not good enough to win. The BioLizard wins.

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Miss Arrow vs Lazerman

Miss Arrow is back, but not for a win. She doesn’t have the same kind of abilities that Lazerman has. Lazerman has fought guys like Megaman and Shademan in the past. Miss Arrow may have lost this match, but maybe one day she’ll be back for a win. Of course Lazerman will be back pretty soon. Lazerman wins.

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Miss Arrow vs Misa

Well Misa has the deathnote which she can use to destroy any being she wants. Of course in the end that doesn’t make her a match for Miss Arrow. Miss Arrow can still fight a bit and this match is one of the few cases where a comic book character beats a manga character. Miss Arrow wins.