Will Vandom vs Caulifla

Caulifla has returned and there’s no way she isn’t winning this round. Will actually does have a considerable amount of power at her disposal. Against most foes Will would actually have a pretty good shot at victory. Still, she isn’t quite ready to take care of Caulifla here. Even without her Kefla form Caulifla is a massive powerhouse. There are few fighters who would even stand a remote chance against her. Will isn’t one of them. Caulifla wins.

Will Vandom vs Cthulhu

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for the Cthulhu to return once more. He won’t be able to deal with Will’s array of energy based attacks though. Will is certainly a lot more powerful than you might expect at first glance. With her unique form of energy she can manipulate it to such an extent that her imagination is the only limit. She can fly and move at high enough speeds to dodge all of Cthulhu’s counters. This monster is powerful, but he won’t be able to land a hit and his durability isn’t high enough to survive for long. Will Vandom wins.

Will Vandom vs Korra

Suggested by iKnowledge Will Vandom is a pretty skilled fighter. She is her own energy source and has dozens of different abilities. She can basically use her energy to do whatever she wants and such a versatile power is very hard to stop. Korra is the Avatar and has her own elemental mastery, but I don’t think she will be able to keep up with Will. Will powers seem to grow stronger and stronger as she gets more experienced and while this is a close match now, it likely won’t be in the future if she keeps this up. Will Vandom wins.