Mami Tomoe vs Caulifla

Mami is a skilled fighter with her guns. She can fire at super speeds and in general is just not an opponent you want to deal with. Caulifla will have to tread carefully but once she turns into Kefla then this is all over. Caulifla can end the whole galaxy on a whim and Mami will have nowhere to go. Her speed is still impressive but it’s just not going to do a whole lot to Caulifla. Caulifia is just completely out of her league at this point and I don’t think there’s any way around that. Caulifla wins.

Will Vandom vs Caulifla

Caulifla has returned and there’s no way she isn’t winning this round. Will actually does have a considerable amount of power at her disposal. Against most foes Will would actually have a pretty good shot at victory. Still, she isn’t quite ready to take care of Caulifla here. Even without her Kefla form Caulifla is a massive powerhouse. There are few fighters who would even stand a remote chance against her. Will isn’t one of them. Caulifla wins.

Lilith Aensland vs Caulifla

Lilith Aensland has a lot of good magical abilities and a well rounded power set in general. She can fly and has a good mix of super speed and strength. That’s not good enough to take on a Saiyan warrior though. Caulifla’s skills grow more and more as she fights and now that she has unlocked the powers of a super saiyan there is no stopping her. Lilith is just outclassed and since Caulifla could destroy the solar system in an instant that’s game over for Lilith. Caulifla wins.

Akame vs Caulifla


Suggested by Random Akame has already taken quite a few losses but always manages to bounce back. Well, it will be a little tougher this time around since Caulifla is yet another fighter who is out of her league. Caulifla is a Saiyan with crazy battle potential who continues to improve during the match. With her Super Saiyan abilities on deck, Akame will have a tough time keeping up and certainly will be overwhelmed when it comes to raw power. Caulifla wins.

Caulifla vs Goku

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Getting off to a 4-0 start isn’t easy on this site, but Caulifla managed to pull it off. That’s impressive, but she couldn’t stay undefeated forever. Her power level is immense, but still not quite on the same level as Goku. His abilities are at their absolute peak and the Saiyan always seems to get stronger and stronger. His final UI form is up there as one of his strongest forms ever and may even be his absolute best. Caulifla will have to train hard if she wants to approach that kind of power. Goku wins.

Esdeath vs Caulifla

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Suggested by Random Esdeath is an ice master the likes of which are rare all across media. Her speed and reflexes prevent her ice abilities from becoming a crutch either. Still, the ice won’t work as a weapon this time since Caulifla can easily shatter it with her aura. Caulifla’s speed will also surpass Esdeath’s reflexes and let’s not get started on her long range advantage. Caulifla is off to a good start on this fighting blog. Caulifla wins.

Wonder Woman vs Caulifla

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Suggested by Random Wonder Woman is seen as one of the strongest female warriors out there. That is certainly true when it comes to the comics but as soon as you enter the realm of anime and manga that begins to change. She will be quickly overwhelmed by Caulifla’s superior fighting ability. I’d take the Saiyan in pure hand to hand combat and certainly in all other combat fields. Wonder Woman’s magic lasso would likely be broken if Caulifla decided to do so. That’s how powerful this prodigy is. Caulifla wins.

Caulifla vs Superman

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Suggested by Random Caulifla is a powerful Saiyan so she will have no trouble dealing with Superman. Her speed and power surpassed his a long time ago. A single energy blast would likely give him a lot of damage or even a total knockout. Superman will have a hard time countering with any blow that’ll deal damage since Caulifla can just catch his punches or even endure them for minimal damage to launch a powerful counter. The last son of Krypton just doesn’t stand a chance here. Caulifla wins.

Ribrianne vs Caulifla

Suggested by Random Ribrianne was a surprisingly strong fighter who just kept on appearing over and over again. You just couldn’t keep her down and a part of me definitely has to admire those skills. At the same time, Caulifla is undoubtedly still the strongest fighter. Her aptitude for combat is better and being a Saiyan she has a far higher skill ceiling as well. While she can’t afford to hold back all that much in this fight, it is still a pretty clear match. The victor was never in doubt. Caulifla wins.