Caulifla vs Yuri Jahad

Caulifla is one of the most impressive characters of recent memory. In her Kefla form she can even tangle with Ultra Instinct. Due to that there isn’t a whole lot that Yuri is going to be able to do here. As powerful as her natural abilities are and her sword skills, they just won’t be able to do much against Caulifla’s defensive aura. She can block any and all attacks that go her way. Caulifla wins.

Leyla M. Ruzhkova vs Yuri Jahad

Leyla M. Ruzhkova is a powerful fighter to be sure. She has the ability to transform into her monster form which greatly increases all of her stats. That said, even at her absolute best she is still completely outranked here. Not only can Yuri use multiple swords at the highest level but she is gifted with incredible hand to hand techniques as well. Leyla isn’t getting close here. Yuri Jahad wins.

Yuri Jahad vs Lo Po Bia Ren

Princess Yuri is a fun character and definitely a standout member from Tower of God. Her absolute confidence and impressive strength is enough to make you a fan immediately. Lo Po has a fun design and is also powerful but it’s clear that there is a huge gap in their respective abilities and it’s not a gap that can be easily overcome. At the end of the day he just won’t be able to keep up. Yuri Jahad wins.