Leyla M. Ruzhkova vs Yuri Jahad

Leyla M. Ruzhkova is a powerful fighter to be sure. She has the ability to transform into her monster form which greatly increases all of her stats. That said, even at her absolute best she is still completely outranked here. Not only can Yuri use multiple swords at the highest level but she is gifted with incredible hand to hand techniques as well. Leyla isn’t getting close here. Yuri Jahad wins.

Leyla M. Ruzhkova vs Sakura Amamiya

Now this could be a bit of a hot take here since usually you’d expect the main character to surpass the villain by the end but I would make the case that even after the end of Sakura Wars, Leyla was more powerful than Sakura. The fact that she doesn’t need to rely on a robot is in itself a pretty big deal. She can easily fly rings around Sakura and her strength is enough that she was tearing apart the mechs. Sakura could probably deal heavy damage if she could hit Leyla but that would be a tough feat to accomplish. Leyla is too fast. Leyla M. Ruzhkova wins.