Akame vs Vergil


Suggested by Random Vergil is definitely a very strong opponent who has a considerable amount of speed. This won’t be an easy fight for Akame and in many ways their fighting styles are pretty similar. At the same time, I do think Akame is the faster fighter here and her sword strikes are definitely fast enough to hurt Vergil. It’ll be a very close fight that could go either way, but I think Vergil will be able to outlast her. Vergil wins.


Akame vs Raditz

Suggested by Random Akame is certainly a very fast and powerful character but I don’t think that she will be strong enough to take down Raditz. The Saiyan may have been rather weak at first but since then his abilities have improved tremendously. He reclaims the edge in speed and power which will lead to his victory. Raditz wins.

Jiren vs Akame

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Suggested by Random Akame is a very fast fighter who relies on powerful strikes to eventually win a match or a precision stab to win in an instant. Neither option will work on Jiren as he is simply too quick to be hit. His durability is also on a whole other level so none of Akame’s attacks would have the slightest impact on him. Dragon Ball Super built him up to be one of the strongest beings in all of media and they did a very good job with this. There’s just no way he will lose here. Jiren wins.

Akame vs Caulifla


Suggested by Random Akame has already taken quite a few losses but always manages to bounce back. Well, it will be a little tougher this time around since Caulifla is yet another fighter who is out of her league. Caulifla is a Saiyan with crazy battle potential who continues to improve during the match. With her Super Saiyan abilities on deck, Akame will have a tough time keeping up and certainly will be overwhelmed when it comes to raw power. Caulifla wins.

Akame vs Goku

Suggested by Random Akame is a talented sword fighter and her speed is quite impressive. She has won many battles with her impressive talents. That being said, she is outmatched against an opponent as formidable as Goku. He can end the whole solar system in a single shot if he so desires. There really isn’t much Akame can do to combat that. Goku wins.

Frieza vs Akame

Suggested by Random Akame is a strong fighter who has impressive speed and strength on her side. However, she will not be able to go toe to toe with Frieza. Frieza got a fairly massive power up with his Gold form. This allowed him to surpass hundreds of fighters and become a top threat regardless of the universe. A single blast would potentially be enough to take her down for the count. Frieza wins.

Zamasu vs Akame

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Suggested by Random Zamasu is back for another round as he takes on the speedy Akame. Akame is very good at neutralizing her opponents and proving that speed is still a very potent weapon. Of course, it is nullified in this matchup since Zamasu is considerably faster than Akame. Akame also won’t be able to match him in destructive power. Zamasu wins.

Raiden vs Akame

Suggested by Random Raiden is a very fast fighter and that will help him stay alive against Akame. Raiden is easily one of the strongest Metal Gear characters and he could very well be the absolute best. What will give him some trouble here is that Akame’s speed may still be greater than his. He’ll put up a great fight and his defense will ensure that the match comes down to the last hit, but I believe Akame will be able to put him away. Her berserk mode and speed are just enough to give her the edge. Akame wins.

Archimonde vs Akame

Suggested by Random Archimonde is a durable guy since he is made of a stone like substance. Of course, it isn’t quite strong enough to protect him from Akame’s blade so he may as well be a normal human. Akame will dash around all of his attacks and land a lethal blow in the end. It won’t even take that long since Akame is definitely not lacking in striking power. Akame wins.

Akame vs Monsoon

Suggested by Random Monsoon is a fairly powerful cyborg. He has a degree of super strength and speed. His fighting abilities are also on point so this isn’t a free win for Akame. That being said, her speed is greater still and her sword can inflict lethal damage. Akame is strong enough to pierce the cyborg and Monsoon won’t be able to defend against it. The cyborg just won’t be able to keep up with her. Akame wins.