Raditz vs Amazo

Suggested by Destroyer Amazo is essentially DC’s attempt at creating a Super Saiyan of their own. I have to admit that he is pretty impressive and easily one of the strongest DC characters of all time. That being said, I don’t think he will be quite strong enough to tackle someone like Raditz. Raditz was able to easily speedblitz Goku and Piccolo which is just about impossible to do for most opponents. Throw in the fact that he has gotten some random power ups over the years thanks to the power of darkness and apples and you have yourself a Saiyan who is actually quite skilled. Raditz wins.


Akame vs Raditz

Suggested by Random Akame is certainly a very fast and powerful character but I don’t think that she will be strong enough to take down Raditz. The Saiyan may have been rather weak at first but since then his abilities have improved tremendously. He reclaims the edge in speed and power which will lead to his victory. Raditz wins.

Superman vs Raditz

Suggested by John Cenna Superman is a powerful fighter and I consider him to be the strongest comic book hero of them all. That being said, he’s in DBZ world and things get tricky over here. Raditz has a great amount of combat speed and he’s only gotten stronger over the years. The Xenoverse game gave him a nice power up which may not have been nearly as drastic as Gold Frieza, but we’ll take what we can get. Superman just won’t be able to keep up although he could maybe put up somewhat of a fight. He simply doesn’t have the stats needed to take Raditz down. Raditz wins.

Goku vs Raditz

Raditz has a large array of energy blasts and he had the upper hand when he last fought Goku. Unfortunately for Raditz; Goku has the power of a Super Saiyan within himself. That will be enough to take Raditz down for the count and also take out the rest of the planet. Goku does not get defeated so easily. Goku wins.

Raditz vs Sentry

Sentry can fly at incredible speeds and it is hard to stop him! Raditz may be one of the weaker DBZ characters out there, but he can definitely hold his own against the Sentry. The Sentry may be tough, but Raditz is much faster and one good laser should take a lot of the fight out of him. Raditz wins.

Robin (Damian) vs Raditz

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Raditz has a large array of energy attacks at his disposal, and one blast should be enough to take down Robin (Damian). Robin is pretty athletic, but he won’t be able to keep up with Raditz’s speed. Raditz could run rings around him with very little effort. Raditz wins.

Raditz vs Allosaurus

Raditz-raditz-15919706-332-363 (1)
Allosaurus is a pretty intense fighter who knows the score. Still, his skills won’t be enough to take down Raditz. Raditz has taken on Goku in the past which is a pretty impressive feat in itself! Allosaurus definitely won’t be winning this round, but he gave it his all. Raditz wins.

Raditz vs Robin Hood

Robin Hood has his arrows, but they haven’t been helping him much through his battles. He is just too weak to be saved this time. Raditz is so powerful that he fought Goku once. It was an epic battle. Raditz wins.

Raditz vs Nappa

These two are both top rate contenders. Also this is the end Arc fight. So it had to be epic. In the end Nappa defeats Raditz because that’s how it had to be. At least now we can all say that Nappa has a good win. Nappa wins.

Vegeta vs Raditz

Vegeta could beat Raditz with the slightest of ease. Raditz just doesn’t have the power to defeat Vegeta. Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and never loses. Raditz won’t have a great mini arc. Vegeta wins.