Raditz vs Superman Prime

Suggested by Anonymous Superman Prime was so powerful that it took 2-3 Supermen teaming up to take him down. He has a lot of raw power and speed so the question is, would it be enough to stop Raditz? Well, there’s a decent case to be made that he might have been able to stop Raditz. At least…until Dragon Ball Heroes when Raditz obtained SSJ3. With that form and all of the multipliers that it brings, I don’t see Superman Prime being able to do a whole lot here. He would ultimately just get completely overwhelmed. The sheer power behind each of Raditz’s strikes would be massive. Raditz wins.

Superman Prime vs Brainiac

Suggested by Sonic Brainiac is one of Superman’s deadliest foes. While he isn’t really known as a physical fighter, he’s shown that he can go up against just about anyone in close quarters combat. Superman Prime is not one of those opponents though. Even in Brainiac’s golden mode I don’t see him lasting long here. Prime’s abilities are even greater than that of Superman’s which is already at a high level. Brainiac will be completely overwhelmed in speed and power. Superman Prime wins.

Superman Prime vs Gon

Superman Prime is another DC Heavy Hitter and he has also taken on Superman in the past. That’s definitely something to be proud of and he should definitely not be underestimated, no matter who the opponent is! That being said, I don’t think that he’ll be able to handle someone like Gon. Gon may not have the explosive abilities of Goku or Ichigo, but his nen abilities still make him a very lethal opponent. Gon wins.

Superman Prime vs Martian Manhunter

Superman Prime is back and this time he gets a solid win. Martian Manhunter just didn’t have a chance against him. Superman Prime is far too powerful. With a single punch he can destroy whole mountains! Martian Manhunter is definitely a strong opponent, but in the end he just can’t win this battle. Superman Prime wins.

Superman vs Superman Prime

Superman Prime is a being of immense power, but he’s still no match for Superman. Superman has his heat vision and his abilities that are far stronger than Superman Prime’s thanks too 1 million form. In that form his abilities are pretty much limitless. It would take someone like Goku too beat him! Superman Prime gets another loss, but he’ll climb his way up someday. Superman wins.

Superman Prime vs Goku

Now this is a much better fight because Superman is over 10 times stronger than Superman. For this battle Goku would probably need Super Saiyan 3 form. I  still think Goku would win because he’s a lot tougher and stuff. So this fight ends up in a Goku winning again. Goku wins.


Superman Prime vs Vegeta

This fight plays out about the same as Superman vs Goku. Vegeta’s energy attacks would be too much. Superman Prime has been known to blow universes out of existence but Vegeta’s…just tough. He can take on Superman Prime and win. Vegeta wins

Fanfic version below

Whose power will come out on top!?