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Alpha (Spiderman) vs Godzilla

Suggested by Destroyer Alpha was a very powerful Spiderman character when he first entered the scene. While he ultimately ended up being depowered, the guy left an impact. At his peak Godzilla wouldn’t be able to match him. Alpha is too fast and his energy blasts were the real deal. The difference in power wouldn’t slow him down because you can’t beat what you can’t hit. Alpha (Spiderman) wins.

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Alpha (Spiderman) vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Lazerman hasn’t fought on the blog for quite a while so it’s nice to see him return. Alpha’s certainly no lightweight though so it’s not like this will be an easy fight. Still, it’s one that Lazerman can win. His Dark Hole will heal him slowly throughout the fight and with his speed he can dodge most of Alpha’s attacks while delivering precise counters. He has more battle intelligence and that can really be useful here. Alpha simply doesn’t have enough experience to hold his own. Lazerman wins.

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Alpha (Spiderman) vs Beast Titan

Suggested by Destroyer The Beast Titan has pretty impressive regenerative abilities. To fully defeat him Alpha will have to make sure that he doesn’t hold back. The kid rarely does though and he’ll be peppering the Beast Titan with his laser blasts from start to finish. This Titan isn’t very quick and has no long range options so at this point in the fight he’ll be completely doomed. There’s just nothing he can do against a cosmic type hero like Alpha. Alpha can just zoom around and blast til he wins. Alpha (Spiderman) wins.

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Alpha (Spiderman) vs Ness

Alpha (Spiderman) has a decent amount of super powers at his disposal and even Captain America/Spiderman feared his abilities. That being said, Ness can absorb the brunt of Alpha’s energy attacks and counter with his own projectiles. Alpha has a decent amount of super strength and speed, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me think it’ll be enough to win this fight. Ness wins.

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Amygdala vs Alpha (Spiderman)

Amygdala has some mild super strength and he has taken on Batman in the past! Still Alpha will prove to be too powerful for him. One good energy blast should end this match in an instant. Amygdala just doesn’t have that level of defense. Maybe one day he’ll surpass his limits, but that could be a while. Alpha (Spiderman) wins.

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Alpha (Spiderman) vs Spiderman

Alpha (Spiderman) is a pretty tough guy..for a rookie! He’s just started crime fighting so he’s severely lacking in the experience department. While he’s probably already surpassed Spiderman (Sorry Spidey) this is composite so it’s okay. With his Cosmic/Phoenix/Hulk powers Spiderman can’t be stopped! Spiderman wins.