Takuro Nakai vs Beast Titan

Suggested by Destroyer The Beast Titan is pretty terrifying to be honest. The first 30 seconds of his intro scene in the Attack on Titan season was pretty intense. Mr. Nakai can’t even draw up intense manga titles so he would barely be able to comprehend what is happening. A single punch would be enough to knock him by the wayside and he has no way to evade the blow. Beast Titan wins.


Rod Reiss vs Beast Titan

Suggested by Destroyer They don’t call Rod, Mr. Reiss for nothing. He is the biggest Titan in the series and physically he may be the strongest in the whole series. That being said, he still doesn’t have a chance against the Beast Titan. The Beast Titan isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and can fight a little when it comes to hand to hand combat. That’s more than I can say for Reiss since he can barely stand. Beast Titan wins.

King Reiss vs Beast Titan

Suggested by Eric This one is a little tricky. The King is a pretty powerful fighter and supposedly was the strongest Titan of them all. The problem is that we never got to see him fight and the guy never struck me as much of a fighter. Most likely, the guy doesn’t have the same strategic level of thinking that the Beast Titan has and that will really mean the difference between victory and defeat. The Beast Titan has proven his abilities already. Beast Titan wins.

Beast Titan vs Levi

Suggested by Eric Well the Beast Titan is pretty strong and intelligent. He’s proven time and time again why he is a massive threat to any character that makes the mistake of getting in his way. That being said, he won’t be able to keep up with Levi’s speed. Levi was shown to be considerably faster than any of the other characters, even Mikasa. He would overwhelm the large titan in seconds and The Beast Titan’s regeneration simply would not be quick enough. Levi wins.