Toothless vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer Cinder is a master with fire manipulation and that is going to be too much for Toothless to handle. His attacks already aren’t the strongest and when you consider the fact that his fire won’t do anything against Cinder it limits his options even further. Even without her Maiden abilities Cinder is fast enough to dodge all of Toothless’ attacks and counter with her own. This fight won’t last very long. Cinder wins.

Toothless vs Twilight Sparkle

Suggested by Destroyer Toothless is back, but he won’t have any good luck against Twilight Sparkle. This Princess has proven her abilities on many occasions and was even able to hold her own against Tirek. I don’t think that Toothless will be able to get past her energy blasts and with her teleportation she can also hold her own against him in a battle of speed. Toothless is just outmatched here and anything that he can do, Twilight can do better. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Toothless vs Beast Titan

Suggested by Destroyer This could end up being a bit of a controversial match, but I think Toothless has got this and I’m going to give you three reasons as to why that is. First, Toothless can fly at high speeds and the Beast Titan has no real projectiles. It’ll be hard to tag the dragon. 2nd, Toothless has energy blasts which are quite formidable. The Beast Titan is durable, but his defense has limits and after being peppered by such attacks for a while he will certainly falter. Finally, Toothless has his own Titan Mode which increases the length of time for which he can use his projectiles. Without a way to counter this, the Beast Titan is doomed. Toothless wins.

Paarthurnax vs Toothless

Surprisingly, I’m going to have to go with Toothless here. He’s a lot smaller, but his energy attacks are pretty decent and he’s a fast flyer. Paarthurnax is immortal, but he’s pretty slow at this point and his attacks are pretty limited. They can deal a lot of damage, but it’s going to be tough to actually hit Toothless and that’s why I have to give him the loss this time. The young dragon has surpassed the old one. Toothless wins.

Toothless vs Alduin

This is definitely a pretty close fight. It may not look like one since Alduin appears to be vastly stronger than the little guy, but Toothless has a lot of good projectiles on his side. His slight speed isn’t that bad and a good dive bomb is sure to deal some lasting damage to Alduin. That being said, Alduin’s stamina and attack power are hard to deny and his roars have the same effect as a DBZ aura burst. I don’t see Toothless being able to hold out long enough to win. Alduin wins.

Toothless vs Smaug

This could get a little sad for the fans, but I think that Toothless actually has a pretty good shot at winning this battle. Smaug may…possibly have more brute strength and cunning on his side, but he’s simply no match for a dragon like Toothless. Toothless’ speed is not to be underestimated and his energy blasts pack a punch. Toothless will be able to dodge Smaug’s attacks for as long as it takes to win this battle. Toothless wins.

Toothless vs Ender Dragon

It’s a battle of dragons here as Toothless makes his blog debut. Toothless may be a lot smaller than Ender Dragon, but we’ve seen that this doesn’t take away from the young dragon’s raw power. He can fire several energy blasts and Toothless’ speed is far greater than Ender’s. Toothless shouldn’t have a problem dodging the black dragon’s attacks while countering with his energy blasts. This combo will work until he claims victory. Toothless wins.