Twilight Sparkle vs Wimpy

Suggested by Destroyer Twilight Sparkle has magic powers so I think you already know who’s going to win this fight. Wimpy can eat a lot and has some very mild super strength but that’s not doing anything in this fight. Twilight has been shown to be able to blast people across mountains and fly at super speeds. So Wimpy won’t even be able to see her coming and has no form of super durability to block her either. That means he is really out of his league. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Twilight Sparkle vs Daniel Turpin

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel Turpin has his gun skills and he can fight a little in hand to hand if needed. That being said, it all won’t be enough against someone like Twilight Sparkle who can just fire off some massive energy blasts and end things in an instant. Turpin’s shots wouldn’t be able to get past her energy barriers either. As long as Twilight has her shields up she can easily stop any attack that Turpin even thinks of trying. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Twilight Sparkle vs Carl Denham

Suggested by Destroyer Carl Denham is a reasonable guy who did what he could in the King Kong film. At the end of the day though he has no more skills than any average human. His gun certainly won’t be tipping the scales either. To win a fight like this against a pony with magical abilities you need something more than raw power. Carl won’t be able to make any kind of comeback this time. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Twilight Sparkle vs Baloo

Suggested by Destroyer Baloo is a pretty skilled bear but that’s just not going to cut it in a match like this. Twilight Sparkle’s magical abilities are on a completely different level. She can fire massive energy blasts at Baloo that will keep the guy down for the count. He can’t hope to match her speed or raw attack power so at that point what other options are left for him? Twilight Sparkle wins.

Twilight Sparkle vs Mordecai

Suggested by Janelle Twilight Sparkle is the Princess of Friendship and throughout the years she has honed her skills. This resulted in her most impressive display of power when she fought Tirek to a stand still. While Mordecai has a lot of excellent hand to hand skills at his disposal, it would be difficult for him to close the gap against her here. Twilight has a barrier that is incredibly hard to break and her lasers are absolutely massive. As fast as Mordecai is, he just won’t be able to get out of range. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Howard Aguello vs Twilight Sparkle

Suggested by Destroyer Howard Aguello has returned, but it looks like the only thing in his future is another loss. The guy has a gun, but Twilight can easily block that with her barriers. She’s also been shown to get up after taking a hit through a mountain. There’s nothing that Howard has at his disposal which he can hope to stop her with. I’m afraid that this pony is too strong for him. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Toothless vs Twilight Sparkle

Suggested by Destroyer Toothless is back, but he won’t have any good luck against Twilight Sparkle. This Princess has proven her abilities on many occasions and was even able to hold her own against Tirek. I don’t think that Toothless will be able to get past her energy blasts and with her teleportation she can also hold her own against him in a battle of speed. Toothless is just outmatched here and anything that he can do, Twilight can do better. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Twilight Sparkle vs Spike

Spike is a nice dinosaur who means well, but his abilities have never been on par with Twilight’s. Even before becoming a princess, Twilight Sparkle knew many powerful magic spells. After her transformation, her abilities only increased. Even with Spike’s superhero mode he just doesn’t have enough durability to handle Twilight’s best energy blasts. Her teleportation spells will also tip the fight in her favor. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Moon Dancer vs Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is the princess of friendship and an overall expert on the subject. Unfortunately, that also means that she has to deal with other ponies who aren’t so great at it. Moon Dancer is one of those ponies who holds a grudge for a longtime and is willing to forsake all of her friends just because one slighted her. Moon Dancer has some basic magical ability as she was able to shatter Twilight’s best barrier with a single blast, but I’d still give Sparkle the edge here. One Magical Kamehameha will do the trick. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Twilight Sparkle vs Water Horse

Suggested by Destroyer Twilight Sparkle is quite possibly the strongest pony. She can fire giant energy blasts and has been shown to be more than capable of defending herself. The Water Horse wasn’t really able to take down a group of humans with guns. Sparkle could take down an entire army with her magical abilities. Twilight Sparkle wins.