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Carl Denham vs Nemo

Carl Denham is back and this is a tribute match for the Son of Kong! Carl was actually a likable main character and he can certainly fight once he has a gun at the ready. I don’t think that Nemo would win this round even if they were fighting in Nemo’s home town. Carl is simply too skilled and too experienced to back down at this point. He did help the Son of Kong after all and that’s no small feat. Carl Denham wins.

Battles, Carl Denham Battles, Lina Inverse Battles, Tribute Battles

Carl Denham vs Lina Inverse

This is a tribute to Slayers Premium! Lina has always been an exceptional fighter and that doesn’t change in this film. Carl may have a gun, but there’s no way that he could keep up with Lina’s speed or power. Her spells would take him down for the count with a single shot. Carl shall return, but he has been given his first loss in this match. Lina Inverse wins.