Twilight Sparkle vs Wimpy

Suggested by Destroyer Twilight Sparkle has magic powers so I think you already know who’s going to win this fight. Wimpy can eat a lot and has some very mild super strength but that’s not doing anything in this fight. Twilight has been shown to be able to blast people across mountains and fly at super speeds. So Wimpy won’t even be able to see her coming and has no form of super durability to block her either. That means he is really out of his league. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Eugene The Jeep vs Wimpy

Suggested by Jimmy Eugene The Jeep is a magical being whose abilities are still a mystery to us all. He can teleport which is useful but isn’t too strong physical. This makes the battle pretty interesting since Wimpy is very strong but also slow. It’s all about whether Eugene can take Wimpy down before the hits add up. Wimpy’s used to taking it nice and easy though as he munches his sandwich so he should be able to wait it out. Wimpy wins.

Wimpy vs Little Mac

Suggested by Jimmy Biscuits Wimpy may not have the greatest name but you can’t deny that the guy has heart. He plays for keeps and gives every match his all. Unfortunately it will not be enough this time. Little Mac is a very experienced fighter and has been taking down opponents for years. They simply don’t have what it takes to stop him. Wimpy could throw his sandwich but that will just make Little Mac chuckle. He’d need a Big Mac if he wanted to do any real damage. Little Mac wins.