Dimaria Yesta vs Alduin

Suggested by iKnowledge Dimaria Yesta is a pretty powerful fighter. She would have to be in order to be one of the villains of the final Fairy Tail arc. She has exceptional speed and power at her disposal as well as time manipulation. In comparison Alduin is more of an ordinary dragon. Alduin wouldn’t last very long against the dragons of Fairy Tail world nor will he last here. Dimaria will be able to quickly overwhelm him in both speed and power. Mix in her magical abilities and that will definitely be game over for the dragon. Dimaria Yesta wins.

Julius Belmont vs Alduin

Suggested by iKnowledge Alduin is a powerful dragon. With a single blast it can cause devastating damage to the landscape. This still won’t be a match for the Grand Cross though. Julius can fire off a blast of pure energy using this technique with an exceptional amount of power at its disposal. Alduin doesn’t have the means to repel such a blast or to dodge it. That’s why Alduin will really be at the end of his rope here. He makes for too big of a target so there is nowhere for him to go while Julius can use his own agility to be in the right spot to deal out maximum damage. Julius Belmont wins.

Toothless vs Alduin

This is definitely a pretty close fight. It may not look like one since Alduin appears to be vastly stronger than the little guy, but Toothless has a lot of good projectiles on his side. His slight speed isn’t that bad and a good dive bomb is sure to deal some lasting damage to Alduin. That being said, Alduin’s stamina and attack power are hard to deny and his roars have the same effect as a DBZ aura burst. I don’t see Toothless being able to hold out long enough to win. Alduin wins.

Ender Dragon vs Alduin

The Ender Dragon returns in this round, but he’s outmatched against Alduin. Alduin has better long range abilities, which will allow him to have a significant advantage in this round. The Ender Dragon is pretty powerful, but as with the Smaug match, I believe that Alduin would be able to win a physical confrontation as well. Alduin wins.

Alduin vs Bass

Alduin is back, but it’s time for him to go up against Bass! Bass has his Darkness Overload attack and Alduin simply won’t be able to stack up against him. Bass has speed that is simply unparalleled and Alduin would be defeated before the match ever got a chance to truly begin. That is the difference in their power! Bass wins.

Alduin vs Smaug

The pictures say it all…..Well, either way I would go with Alduin. He can shoot flames and ice, which would make quick work out of Smaug. If it came down to a physical fight, Alduin would have the edge due to his sheer ferocity. I do have to say that his design is a lot cooler than Smaug’s, but I don’t take that into account in the fight. Both of these are powerful dragons, but I would say that Alduin is in a league of his own. Alduin wins.