Julius Belmont vs Alduin

Suggested by iKnowledge Alduin is a powerful dragon. With a single blast it can cause devastating damage to the landscape. This still won’t be a match for the Grand Cross though. Julius can fire off a blast of pure energy using this technique with an exceptional amount of power at its disposal. Alduin doesn’t have the means to repel such a blast or to dodge it. That’s why Alduin will really be at the end of his rope here. He makes for too big of a target so there is nowhere for him to go while Julius can use his own agility to be in the right spot to deal out maximum damage. Julius Belmont wins.


2 thoughts on “Julius Belmont vs Alduin

    • Alduin has a lot of good feats there for sure. I’m not sure he could survive the Grand Cross though. That attack does massive damage to all evil and Alduin would definitely fit into that category

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