Pyrrha Nikos vs Alex Hopper


Suggested by Destroyer Alex Hopper has his gun at the ready and that won’t mean a thing to Pyrrha. She can easily move his guns with her polarity ability or she can dodge the bullets. Pyrrha would be able to parry the bullets in her sleep as well so no matter what option she goes with the weapon won’t be a problem for her. That’s why Pyrrha is such an impressive fighter, there are always multiple ways for her to subdue her opponent. Pyrrha Nikos wins.


Pyrrha Nikos vs Granny Goodness

Suggested by Destroyer Pyrrha is a very capable fighter who excels at close quarters combat. Even though Granny may be a solid trainer she has never been a great fighter. She will be completely overwhelmed in this fight. Even if she tries to stay and fight from afar, Pyrrha will be able to manipulate her metal gun. There’s no way for Granny to even put up a fight here since she is outclassed in strength and speed. I’m afraid that this is the end of the road for her. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Papa Bear vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Papa Bear is a nice guy so lets not forget that. That being said, he isn’t a very strong fighter and would very quickly be put in the defensive against Pyrrha. She has a lifetime of fighting under her belt while he has yet to deal with a serious opponent. He just wouldn’t have the stamina to compete with Pyrrha and would quickly lose the match. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Calamity Coyote vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Calamity Coyote is a tough animal who keeps on coming back no matter how many times he loses. That being said, this is one time where that just won’t make a difference. Pyrrha still has every possible edge in this fight and moves about as fast as the Little Beeper when it comes to combat. The Coyote just won’t have a chance to recover here so it will definitely be game over for him. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Louis vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer I can’t speak much about Louis’ character since I don’t know the guy all that well but what I do know is that he is no fighter. Pyrrha has won whole tournaments from when she was a kid and did it easily. She has gone up against the best of the best while Louis would likely have trouble with the local authorities. I think the gap in their abilities is quite clear and it paints a very bleak picture for Louis. Pyrrha is definitely on a roll with yet another victory. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Pyrrha Nikos vs Percy Jackson

Suggested by Destroyer Percy uses a lot of metal so that isn’t a good idea against Pyrrha Nikos. His sword will be useless against her so he will have to resort to hand to hand combat and I don’t think that will do a whole lot. Pyrrha is a lot quicker than him so she will dodge his attacks with ease. Her attacks will hit hard and her aura will protect her from any counter attacks. Percy is out of tricks and now he is out of luck. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Bart Simpson vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Bart won’t do any better against Pyrrha than he did against Cinder. Pyrrha is a hand to hand master who also has magnetic abilities at her disposal. This puts her way above Bart when it comes to abilities. He has some mean skateboarding tricks up his sleeve which is certainly handy and makes for a good story, but it won’t be all that useful in a fight. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Pyrrha Nikos vs Snail

Suggested by Destroyer Pyrrha is a master of magnetism and not an opponent that you can ever afford to take lightly. She is a close quarters combat prodigy and throwing in her abilities is almost overkill. Her opponents are outmatched right from the start. I can’t think of any way that this Snail can even deal damage in such a match up so its game over. Pyrrha wins.

Pyrrha Nikos vs Han Solo

Suggested by Destroyer Pyrrha is an exceptional all around fighter who was even able to fight a Maiden. You definitely don’t want to underestimate her abilities. Han Solo can’t even really use The Force so he has no chance here. Pyrrha’s aura can deflect any bullets and she also has a shield just in case he has any bigger weapons. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Pretty Boy vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Pretty Boy may have a cool name but that is no substitute for actual skill and finesse. Pyrrha will quickly show Pretty Boy why she is in a completely different league from him. A single hit from her shield or spear will likely take him down for the count and he may not even be able to react to the quick attack. Pyrrha Nikos wins.