Papa Bear vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Papa Bear is a nice guy so lets not forget that. That being said, he isn’t a very strong fighter and would very quickly be put in the defensive against Pyrrha. She has a lifetime of fighting under her belt while he has yet to deal with a serious opponent. He just wouldn’t have the stamina to compete with Pyrrha and would quickly lose the match. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Stripe vs Papa Bear

Suggested by Jimmy Stripe is a pretty fierce creature but he is pretty small. Could be really overwhelm a big bear like Papa, I have my doubts, but what helps his case is the fact that Papa Bear is very slow. This means that Stripe can bide his time with hit and run tactics. Ultimately that won’t be enough though since I think Papa Bear will just end up stepping on him. There’s not much Stripe can do about that. Papa Bear wins.

Baloo vs Papa Bear

Suggested by Jimmy Baloo is back and he is up against an opponent who is a little less intimidating than Iron Giant this time around. Papa Bear is a family man and he has done a good job of relaxing and becoming one of the crew. That being said, he doesn’t have the same level of power that Baloo has. One quick bite would be enough to end the fight if he could just get in a good claw attack. There isn’t much that Papa Bear can do about it. Baloo wins.