Tabuu vs Nightmare

Suggested by Sonic Nightmare is one of those villains who doesn’t really fear anyone. Whenever he walks on the stage it’s the opponent who has to get a little scared. Well, this time he has met his match against the cosmic being known as Tabuu. While Tabuu is certainly not a Nintendo buster like you may have thought based on the story, he is still strong and has enough long range options to keep Nightmare at bay. Nightmare will never have a chance to get in close with all of the energy blasts and whips going at him. Tabuu wins.

Nightmare vs Arkantos

Suggested by iKnowledge Nightmare is a powerful fighter in Soul Calibur. He easily has one of the best blades in the game and can move very quickly. Arkantos is strong in his own right and even became a god at the end of his game but he doesn’t have the feats needed to take Nightmare down. He would get decimated in close quarters combat as the Soul Edge takes no prisoners. Nightmare wins.

Jain Farstrider vs Nightmare

Suggested by iKnowledge Jain Farstrider returns but he is up against one of the most powerful Soul Calibur characters out there. With the Soul Edge at his disposal I don’t see how Nightmare loses this round. He can endure or block everything Jain throws at him and then counter with a powerful spell at any point. Jain can buy some time with his speed but he ultimately won’t be able to find any way to turn the match around. Nightmare wins.

Nightmare vs Moondragon

Suggested by Sonic Nightmare is a pretty powerful fighter from Soul Calibur. His attacks deal some pretty serious damage and he can suck away an opponent’s energy to an extent. I don’t believe Moondragon’s mental abilities will help here much so she needs to focus on her energy projection. That’s not a bad fallback plan though as her blasts can dent steel and she can shoot them consecutively without a whole lot of effort. I would ultimately take her in the fight here. Nightmare doesn’t have the speed necessary to block all of her shots or dodge to get in close. Moondragon wins.

Wario vs Nightmare

Suggested by Sonic Nightmare is a powerful villain in Soul Calibur and definitely one of the most iconic characters. While he is a bit slow his attacks deal out massive damage. Wario has some strength of his own and in his Wario Man form his speed may even surpass that of Nightmare’s. It won’t be enough though. The difference in combat experience as well as overall talent will be a huge deciding factor here. Wario just won’t be able to land his hits in while Nightmare will be able to impose his will. Nightmare wins.

Pyrrha Nikos vs Nightmare

Suggested by Destroyer Nightmare is skilled with a sword and won’t back down easy. Lets ignore for a moment that Pyrrha Nikos couldn’t just manipulate his armor and crush the guy. His swordsmanship will be enough to help him clash with Pyrrha for a while, but even then she has the edge thanks to her speed. She would be landing quite a few blows on Nightmare while still being able to block or parry his. It’s a fairly one sided battle where the victor is never in doubt. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Lazerman vs Nightmare

Suggested by Destroyer Nightmare is a skilled warrior with a blade and his overwhelming physical strength allows him to move quickly even while holding such a heavy weapon. Alas, it simply won’t be enough to take Lazerman down for the count. Lazerman can easily dodge his blows and being able to fly also makes this fight even easier. Lazerman can blast away at Nightmare for awhile and while Nightmare can shoot fireballs if I’m not mistaken, the difference in skill is simply too large to ignore. Lazerman wins.

Phantom (Zero) vs Nightmare

Once again it’s time for overwhelming power to fight super speed! Phantom (Zero) can run rings around Nightmare, but in terms of attack power is far weaker than Nightmare. Of course speed really helps in these fights. Nightmare may have the power, but what good is it if he can’t hit Phantom (Zero)? Phantom (Zero) wins.