Swamp Thing vs Moondragon

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close battle. Both of these fighters have some really great feats up their sleeve. Swamp Thing is much more of a tank type fighter as he can endure blow upon blow with ease. On the other hand Moondragon can certainly fire off a lot of attacks and has a great amount of firepower. Could she destroy all of the vegetation before Swamp Thing could fight back? It’s a close one either way but I’m leaning on her in this fight because she’s faster and can manuever in the air better. Moondragon wins.

Nightmare vs Moondragon

Suggested by Sonic Nightmare is a pretty powerful fighter from Soul Calibur. His attacks deal some pretty serious damage and he can suck away an opponent’s energy to an extent. I don’t believe Moondragon’s mental abilities will help here much so she needs to focus on her energy projection. That’s not a bad fallback plan though as her blasts can dent steel and she can shoot them consecutively without a whole lot of effort. I would ultimately take her in the fight here. Nightmare doesn’t have the speed necessary to block all of her shots or dodge to get in close. Moondragon wins.

Deathbird vs Moondragon

Suggested by Sonic Deathbird has a cool set of armor and she is an excellent hand to hand fighter. She would be able to give Moondragon a fair fight in that arena. Ultimately that wouldn’t be enough to win the day though. Moondragon has psychic abilities at her disposal that put her in another tier and she also has her energy shields. When you put those two things together then Deathbird doesn’t really stand much of a chance. She’s just out of attack options. Moondragon wins.

Moondragon vs Swordsman

Suggested by Sonic Swordsman is a pretty good close quarters fighter. His sword skills are second to none and he can fire off energy blasts from it as well. This won’t be enough to stop Moondragon. Her psychic abilities are quite advanced so she can block his attacks with ease. Additionally, was able to take on Captain America in hand to hand combat. Swordsman is effectively out of his league here and just isn’t ready to deal with such a heavyweight. I don’t see a scenario here where she loses. Moondragon wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs Moondragon

Moondragon is a strong telepath, but I don’t know how effective her attacks will be on Drax. They may slow him down, but that’s about it. The difference in their physical abilities is just too vast. Drax The Destroyer has gone up against foes like the Hulk and the Silver Surfer in the past. Moondragon can’t match those feats. Drax The Destroyer wins.

Thanos vs Moondragon

Moondragon is back and she’s up against the mighty Thanos! Thanos has a lot of destructive power at his disposal and one punch would be enough to end most matches. Moondragon doesn’t have enough durability to stop Thanos and she doesn’t have enough speed to dodge him. It would appear that Thanos has taken another win. Thanos wins.

Thor vs Moondragon

Moondragon is a very powerful psychic fighter, but not even her mental abilities could take down The Mighty Thor! Thor is able to resist her mind blasts and he just needs one solid hit to take her out of the fight. Mjolnir is capable of smashing an entire planet to pieces with a single strike. Thor wins.