Jain Farstrider vs Nightmare

Suggested by iKnowledge Jain Farstrider returns but he is up against one of the most powerful Soul Calibur characters out there. With the Soul Edge at his disposal I don’t see how Nightmare loses this round. He can endure or block everything Jain throws at him and then counter with a powerful spell at any point. Jain can buy some time with his speed but he ultimately won’t be able to find any way to turn the match around. Nightmare wins.

Jain Farstrider vs Archimonde

Suggested by iKnowledge Jain Farstrider is a good swordsman. He is especially skilled with throwing knives as he can always place them in the perfect place to delay the other fighters. Additionally he is fast, but all of this won’t be enough against Archimonde. The main issue here is that Archimonde has fire magic at a high level and even shadow blasts. He can repel all of the weapons with ease and then deal a decisive blow. Jain doesn’t have enough durability to survive that. Archimonde wins.