Archimonde vs Arkantos

Suggested by iKnowledge Arkantos may be a good fighter but he just isn’t ready for someone like Archimonde. Archimonde can blast away at him with a whole lot of fire. Arkantos won’t be able to dodge the fire blasts and repel the powerful blows for long. Ultimately Archimonde should come out of this fight relatively unscathed. Archimonde wins.

Jain Farstrider vs Archimonde

Suggested by iKnowledge Jain Farstrider is a good swordsman. He is especially skilled with throwing knives as he can always place them in the perfect place to delay the other fighters. Additionally he is fast, but all of this won’t be enough against Archimonde. The main issue here is that Archimonde has fire magic at a high level and even shadow blasts. He can repel all of the weapons with ease and then deal a decisive blow. Jain doesn’t have enough durability to survive that. Archimonde wins.

Archimonde vs Akame

Suggested by Random Archimonde is a durable guy since he is made of a stone like substance. Of course, it isn’t quite strong enough to protect him from Akame’s blade so he may as well be a normal human. Akame will dash around all of his attacks and land a lethal blow in the end. It won’t even take that long since Akame is definitely not lacking in striking power. Akame wins.

Archimonde vs Captain America

Suggested by Random Archimonde is another Warcraft character who finally gets to test his mettle against another fighter. Captain America will be no easy mark though as he has attained the Power Cosmic in the past and is already a good hand to hand fighter as well. Archimonde’s sheer size will help to make this more of an even fight, but he will quickly find out that this advantage is simply not enough. Captain America can easily dodge all of Archimonde’s attacks while countering with his own. It’s a battle strategy that Archimonde cannot hope to get around. Captain America wins.