Hellboy vs Captain America

Suggested by Anonymous Hellboy has some decent strength and a powerful gun at his disposal so he’s definitely a guy who can really fight with the best of them. That being said, he is certainly not going to be able to take down Captain America here. Cap has the Power Cosmic at his disposal which puts his destructive abilities at a level Hellboy can’t even hope to match. The demon is completely out of his league here and doesn’t have the speed needed to keep up. Ultimately he will end up taking the loss. Captain America wins.

Dante vs Captain America

Suggested by Anonymous Captain America will give Dante more of a fight than Bucky, but he is also doomed here. He’s got his Thor abilities as well as Captain Universe, but Dante has the power of his ultimate demon forms. In these modes he can easily take the edge against Cap in power and speed. Once again his healing factor also comes into play and will be really clutch here. There’s nothing Cap can do to stop him. Dante wins.

Yami Yugi vs Captain America

Suggested by Anonymous Captain America once became Captain Universe. In this form he has enough fire power to defeat most of Yami’s monsters without much effort. That still won’t be enough to beat all of Yami’s top tier monsters like Obelisk and the Dark Magician though. Together their abilities will be too much for him and Yami will also be supporting them from the sidelines with his spell and trap cards. Cap may be able to hold his own for a while, but he won’t be able to win. Yami Yugi wins.

Captain America vs Mikaela

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Captain America is a tough fighter who always has his shield at the ready. He’s faced off against many powerful fighters in the past and has gotten some pretty sweet power ups. That being said, they won’t be enough to take down an opponent like Mikaela. Mikaela is simply too fast so Steve won’t be able to land any good hits on him. In comparison Mikaela will only need a few solid hits to end this fight. Mikaela wins.

Ameridroid vs Captain America

It’s time to see what the Ameridroid can do! He is definitely a powerful android who in all fairness should be significantly stronger than Captain America. However, Captain America did briefly become Captain Universe which significantly boosted all of his abilities. That is enough to make this a blowout and even without it he is more agile than the robot. Sometimes being larger isn’t always better. Captain America wins.

Archimonde vs Captain America

Suggested by Random Archimonde is another Warcraft character who finally gets to test his mettle against another fighter. Captain America will be no easy mark though as he has attained the Power Cosmic in the past and is already a good hand to hand fighter as well. Archimonde’s sheer size will help to make this more of an even fight, but he will quickly find out that this advantage is simply not enough. Captain America can easily dodge all of Archimonde’s attacks while countering with his own. It’s a battle strategy that Archimonde cannot hope to get around. Captain America wins.

Captain America vs Korath

Korath returns once more and now he is up against the super soldier of Marvel! Captain America and Korath have pretty similar levels of super strength, but Captain America has the better weaponry. Korath will land some blows, but he’s simply not powerful enough to take out the Captain. Captain America has avenged his previous loss and he moves up the blog ranks. Captain America wins.

Ronan The Accuser vs Captain America

Captain America’s shield has always been his favorite weapon. Why Not? It can block anything from a solar system destroying Phoenix Blast to a direct hit from a planet busting strike. It works every time except for when it doesn’t. That being said, a superb defense does not always translate into a great offense and Ronan will easily be able to deal damage to the Captain eventually while Rogers doesn’t really have anything at his disposal to take care of the accuser. Ronan The Accuser wins.

Update Captain America’s Nova form definitely takes the win here.

Captain Falcon vs Captain America

Now this is a tough match. Captain Falcon has lost his share of matches in the past, but this isn’t a heavy hitter like Superman or Thor. Captain America has Mjolnir at his side, but he’s been pretty empty when it’s come to power ups. I’m going to have to say that Captain Falcon has the edge in this round thanks to his legendary Falcon Punch and the items that he has courtesy of Super Smash Bros. He could take out Captain America in a hand to hand fight and he’s just too quick. Captain Falcon wins.

Update Captain America’s Nova form definitely takes the win here.

Captain America vs Ant

This is a tribute to Captain America The Winter Soldier! Captain America looked pretty good for the most part and he didn’t cross the ultimate line. Ants are strong in numbers, but Captain America can take them down. Captain America isn’t someone that can be defeated so easily and he takes a solid win! Captain America wins.