Ferid vs Mikaela

Suggested by Dylan Hooton It’s time for a battle of vampires. Ferid clearly had the edge in the past when these two fighters went up against each other, but is that still the case? Mikaela is clearly intimidated by Ferid even in the present but given his past that is to be expected. With his current abilities and the fact that Ferid has still yet to do anything all that impressive, I’d say that Mikaela has this round. His transformation into a complete vampire has taken him to the next level. Mikaela wins.

Captain America vs Mikaela

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Captain America is a tough fighter who always has his shield at the ready. He’s faced off against many powerful fighters in the past and has gotten some pretty sweet power ups. That being said, they won’t be enough to take down an opponent like Mikaela. Mikaela is simply too fast so Steve won’t be able to land any good hits on him. In comparison Mikaela will only need a few solid hits to end this fight. Mikaela wins.

Mikaela vs Crowley Eusford

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Mikaela is indeed quite skilled, but I dare say that Crowley can match him blow for blow and then some. Crowley is a lot more experienced than Mikaela and he is also a great deal more powerful. When you combine both elements like that, it gets very difficult to win the fight for Mikaela. It’s simply a bad match up for him and one that I don’t think he can overcome. Crowley Eusford wins.

Mikaela vs Surtur

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Mikaela is a powerful vampire whose speed and power are at a high level. While it is difficult to destroy Surtur thanks to his unending flames, he can be damaged as he has a physical form. Mikaela will be slicing and dicing him quite a lot during their fight and Surtur isn’t fast enough to try and form a counter attack. Mikaela won’t run out of stamina for a very long time and the fight would certainly be long over by that point. Mikaela wins.

Spinosaurus vs Mikaela

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Suggested by Dylan Hooton The Spinosaurus is one of the strongest dinosaurs known to man. It’s size is already quite intense and that’s not even taking into account that it has a mean bite. Despite this, I’m afraid that it doesn’t really stand a chance against someone like Mikaela. Mikaela has super speed and his attacks have quite a bit of force behind them. A few seconds is all the vampire would need to win this fight. Mikaela wins.

Mikaela vs Fred

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Mikaela is a powerful vampire and definitely not someone to be taken lightly. His speed is at a much higher level than Fred’s and he also has better attack power. A quick slice would be enough to claim victory here and not even Fred’s basic swordsmanship would be enough to buy him some time. It’s just rough when a human has to go up against a meta human like Mikaela. Mikaela wins.

Mikaela vs Bass


Mikaela is a strong vampire and he’s done well on the blog so far. That being said, his abilities certainly are not enough to turn this match around. Bass is still his superior in basically every combat applicable field. There is no way that I can picture where Mikaela lands a single hit here. He would seem to be moving in slow motion compared to Bass which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Bass wins.

Card Burn vs Mikaela

Mikaela has definitely made his share of mistakes over the years but at least he’s a protagonist you can root for. He has a lot of determination and would definitely outrank Card Burn there. Card Burn is strong in his own right and all but he can’t keep up with Mikaela’s speed and the vampire’s healing factor will be trouble as well. Mikaela wins.

Pepsiman vs Mikaela

I have a lot of respect for the Pepsiman. Seriously, that guy is a credit to the soda and does a great job of representing it. He’s the kind of guy that you definitely want to have in your corner, drinks and all. That being said, Mikaela is certainly more than a match for any soda fan and has the speed and sword skills to really back it up. This fight will really be over in an instant! Mikaela wins.

Mikaela vs Armin

Suggested by Destroyer Mikaela is a powerful vampire who has a decent amount of superhuman speed and strength. He can augment his strength further by using his blood, but this comes at the expense of his stamina. Armin is a smart tactician, but he is not all that skilled on the battlefield. Even if he were to turn into a Titan by the end of the series, that would not be enough to close the gap between these two. The difference in speed is simply too much and Mikaela will likely gain another power up before the series concludes. Mikaela wins.