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Mikaela vs Surtur

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Mikaela is a powerful vampire whose speed and power are at a high level. While it is difficult to destroy Surtur thanks to his unending flames, he can be damaged as he has a physical form. Mikaela will be slicing and dicing him quite a lot during their fight and Surtur isn’t fast enough to try and form a counter attack. Mikaela won’t run out of stamina for a very long time and the fight would certainly be long over by that point. Mikaela wins.

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Elsa vs Surtur

Elsa is up against another fire villain and that means that she will have to obtain another loss. Surtur is simply too powerful at this point and while Elsa may be a cool character, (Literally) she doesn’t have the feats needed to defeat Surtur. Surtur has gotten a win just in time for Thor 3 and he may have some for some more before the film comes out. Surtur wins.

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Larry Appleton vs Surtur

Larry Appleton is one of those guys that you do not want to mess with. There is no way to know for sure whether you can beat the guy or not. That being said, Surtur is not the type of guy to fear any opponent. A single strike from his sword will likely end the battle as soon as it has begun. Larry Appleton was outmatched this time. Surtur wins.

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Thor vs Surtur

Thor has his mighty Mjolnir and with it he can take down any being no matter how powerful. Surtur is big, but because of that it’s easy to attack him. He lacks the speed that Thor has. Thor’s power is beyond comprehension and he’d take down Surtur no sweat. Surtur will be back some day, but Thor has risen up the ranks in this battle. Thor wins.