He Man vs Mephisto

Suggested by Destroyer Mephisto has a lot of cosmic abilities and he is a fierce fighter but I don’t see him being able to take on He Man’s full power. That guy has strength that defies logic and he has gone up against Superman in the past. Mephisto may have better aerial options since he can fly but that just won’t be enough here. He Man drastically outclasses him in physical abilities and a few good shots from his sword or fist would end this. He Man wins.

Meta Knight vs Mephisto

Suggested by Destroyer I know Kirby characters get a lot of hype but I am not quite sold on that part of the verse. For the most part their feats aren’t super impressive. Meta Knight’s speed is his best shot here but I don’t think it’s enough to beat Mephisto. While he is mostly known for getting clowned by the more powerful supernatural fighters he does have super strength, durability, energy blasts and a lot of other tricks. I don’t think Meta Knight would be able to get around enough of his attacks in order to win. Mephisto wins.

Nightmare (Marvel) vs Mephisto

Suggested by Sonic This fight is fairly close because while Mephisto has appeared a whole lot more than Nightmare, he’s not typically much of a fighter. He prefers to stay in the background but when necessary he can mix it up. Nightmare’s dream abilities will do absolutely nothing here so he will have to rely on his energy projection which is solid but I just don’t think it will really do much of anything here. Mephisto then wins in raw power. Mephisto wins.

Sam Winchester vs Mephisto

Suggested by iKnowledge Sam has a ton of experience dealing with high ranking demons. He was even able to resist Lucifer which is no small feat. Mephisto is about as high ranked as you can get for a demon though so you can’t even compare him to most. Mephisto has stood up to guys like Dr. Doom and Thanos in the past even if his results may not have been great. He certainly took a beating but his abilities are very real. I believe the sheer force of his energy projection abilities will be too much for Sam and will punch through his TK shield. Mephisto wins.

Yugi vs Mephisto

Suggested by iknowledge Mephisto is a pretty powerful Marvel villain. He’s always lurking just behind the scenes waiting to throw the world into chaos. That being said, he won’t have an answer for Yugi’s army of monsters. There are too many of them for him to stop and they all have special abilities. If he tries to go past them and head straight for Yugi he will quickly be ambushed by a trap card. It’s a lose-lose situation for him either way. Yugi wins.

Jason Voorhees vs Mephisto

Suggested by Destroyer Jason may be pretty good at terrorizing random teenagers, but can he really hope to take down someone as skilled as Mephisto? I think not. Mephisto has fought with some very strong opponents. He may not typically be known as the kind of guy who can go toe to toe with the heavy weights, but he’s still someone who certainly has the edge on Jason. Take away Jason’s blunt weapons and he doesn’t have much going for him. Mephisto wins.

Dabura vs Mephisto

Poor Mephisto is going to have to take another loss here. He’s definitely not at a level where he can hope to challenge Dabura. Dabura was holding his own against SSJ2 (Debatable) Gohan and he can certainly take out a planet with ease. Mephisto wouldn’t have time to blink before Dabura would already be unleashing a killer combo on the demon. This is definitely a one sided fight, but now Mephisto can have a little breather before he returns to the blog. Dabura wins.

Demigra vs Mephisto

Demigra makes his debut onto the blog and he’s certainly one of the stronger DBZ villains of modern times. He was able to overwhelm Goku post God Mode boost and was taking out the combined forces of the Z fighters for a while. While he knew that he would lose against Whis, simply fighting him on any kind of level could be considered a feat as well. With a super form at the ready just in case, Demigra is way beyond Mephisto in terms of power and speed. Mephisto is simply doomed here. Demigra wins.

Elsa vs Mephisto

Elsa is a powerful ice user, but ice is not the best attribute against Mephisto. Mephisto also has much more battle experience under his belt, which gives him a pretty decent edge. Elsa may grow stronger in the Frozen sequel coming up, but at this point, I don’t see her being able to take Mephisto down for the count. The demon lord is simply too powerful. Mephisto wins.

Adam Warlock vs Mephisto

Adam Warlock is back once again and now he’s up against Mephisto! Mephisto isn’t really as impressive as he makes himself out to be. Adam Warlock definitely outranks him and by a large margin. One cannot compare their levels of power and Adam Warlock is the better fighter in close combat. I would also take him in a beam struggle. Mephisto will have to drop down the ranks with this loss. Adam Warlock wins.