Demigra vs Mephisto

Demigra makes his debut onto the blog and he’s certainly one of the stronger DBZ villains of modern times. He was able to overwhelm Goku post God Mode boost and was taking out the combined forces of the Z fighters for a while. While he knew that he would lose against Whis, simply fighting him on any kind of level could be considered a feat as well. With a super form at the ready just in case, Demigra is way beyond Mephisto in terms of power and speed. Mephisto is simply doomed here. Demigra wins.

4 thoughts on “Demigra vs Mephisto

  1. Would you say Demigra beats Vegeta and takes his place as a high above? He could beat Vegeta one on one I think and he easily controlled him with his Dark Magic as seen in the game.

    • Well, typically it would be tricky, but Vegeta has his High Above status, not from power, but simply as a blog privilege. While I don’t allow any more characters to become high aboves, I probably won’t be getting rid of the ones that already have the privilege. In a sense, it’s a rule that I don’t have anymore except for the characters to whom it already applies.

      • I think it would be a good fight. Defeating Vegeta…hmmmm. He was shown to be on God Goku’s level, which is impressive, but the same can be said for Vegeta at this point so I think it could really go either way. He certainly has a real chance though.

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