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Demigra vs Bass

Demigra may have taken a win earlier, but it’s time for him to fall. While taking on Goku is a great feat, it’s not quite enough for him to really be able to strike Bass down. Bass has his Darkness Overload attack and his massively FTL combat speed to back him up. Demigra would get outsped throughout the fight and Bass can block any energy attack that Demigra fires. That really limits the villain’s options and he would be doomed here. Bass wins.

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Demigra vs Mephisto

Demigra makes his debut onto the blog and he’s certainly one of the stronger DBZ villains of modern times. He was able to overwhelm Goku post God Mode boost and was taking out the combined forces of the Z fighters for a while. While he knew that he would lose against Whis, simply fighting him on any kind of level could be considered a feat as well. With a super form at the ready just in case, Demigra is way beyond Mephisto in terms of power and speed. Mephisto is simply doomed here. Demigra wins.