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Adam Warlock vs Ego

Suggested by Sonic Adam Warlock is a pretty cool cosmic being. At times he may start to get a little high and mighty but for the most part he does his best to fight off the villains. With the Infinity Gauntlet he was able to scare even the highest cosmic beings. Ego is a powerful planet but speed isn’t something he’s really known for. He would have a hard time dodging Adam’s attacks and anything he tried could easily be blocked. Warlock just isn’t losing this round. Adam Warlock wins.

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Adam Warlock vs Mephisto

Adam Warlock is back once again and now he’s up against Mephisto! Mephisto isn’t really as impressive as he makes himself out to be. Adam Warlock definitely outranks him and by a large margin. One cannot compare their levels of power and Adam Warlock is the better fighter in close combat. I would also take him in a beam struggle. Mephisto will have to drop down the ranks with this loss. Adam Warlock wins.

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Gamora vs Adam Warlock

Gamora is a tough hand to hand fighter, but she is outmatched against an opponent as skilled as Adam Warlock. Adam Warlock was able to hold his own against the Living Tribunal. It may not be a feat that I would recognize a whole lot on the blog since he has better feats, but many debaters will probably have to look at Adam Warlock in a whole new light. Gamora really doesn’t stand a chance here. Adam Warlock wins.

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Adam Warlock vs Thor

Adam Warlock is a pretty powerful being and he’s gone up against Thanos in the past. His energy projection skills are some of the best in Marvel and he also has super strength/flight as well. In essence, he can match Thor’s abilities for the most part and make this a good battle. It will be a very long and tough fight, but Thor’s Berserker Rage should give him an edge. Thor wins.

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Bass vs Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock has some pretty powerful abilities, but they definitely won’t be enough to take down someone like Bass! Bass has abilities that we can only hope to match. One good punch would end just about any opponent. They won’t be able to stand up to such a being of overwhelming power. Bass wins.