Adam Warlock vs Ego

Suggested by Sonic Adam Warlock is a pretty cool cosmic being. At times he may start to get a little high and mighty but for the most part he does his best to fight off the villains. With the Infinity Gauntlet he was able to scare even the highest cosmic beings. Ego is a powerful planet but speed isn’t something he’s really known for. He would have a hard time dodging Adam’s attacks and anything he tried could easily be blocked. Warlock just isn’t losing this round. Adam Warlock wins.

6 thoughts on “Adam Warlock vs Ego

    • Unless you mean the Soul Eater villain I wouldn’t be able to do this round. No real animals are accepted on the blog anymore. There are a few already on the blog who can continue to fight but we can’t add any new ones

      • Alright then, Well I’d like to see Izumi Uchiha vs Venom, do you think that’s possible? Also, I’d also like to see Domestic Longhair vs One Above All.

      • Also instead of the Anti-Monitor vs Mosquito request, How about Anti-Monitor vs Boa Constrictor?

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