Yugi vs Mephisto

Suggested by iknowledge Mephisto is a pretty powerful Marvel villain. He’s always lurking just behind the scenes waiting to throw the world into chaos. That being said, he won’t have an answer for Yugi’s army of monsters. There are too many of them for him to stop and they all have special abilities. If he tries to go past them and head straight for Yugi he will quickly be ambushed by a trap card. It’s a lose-lose situation for him either way. Yugi wins.

2 thoughts on “Yugi vs Mephisto

  1. In my opinion, Mephisto could still win this. In his dimension, he’s nigh-omnipotent, and if he has his children, Yugi’s life is made more difficult. What’s to stop Mephisto from sending Yugi a vision of his grandpa and his shop about to be robbed, Anzu/Tea getting accosted, and every other of his friends being severely hurt or dead that Yugi will have difficulty telling reality from? Mephisto’s arrogance, I’ll admit, does get the better of him more often than not. But I don’t think he should be put out of contention on this one.

    • No children to help Mephisto here so that will help Yugi a bit. As for the visions, it’ll be tough for Yugi, but I like to think that his mind is pretty tough after all the mind games he’s been through. He also has his trap cards to help protect him from Mephisto’s special abilities. Certainly not a fight that Mephisto can’t win, but he will have a tough time here

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