Nightmare (Marvel) vs Mephisto

Suggested by Sonic This fight is fairly close because while Mephisto has appeared a whole lot more than Nightmare, he’s not typically much of a fighter. He prefers to stay in the background but when necessary he can mix it up. Nightmare’s dream abilities will do absolutely nothing here so he will have to rely on his energy projection which is solid but I just don’t think it will really do much of anything here. Mephisto then wins in raw power. Mephisto wins.

Freddy Krueger vs Nightmare (Marvel)

Freddy Krueger’s pretty good at hand to hand combat and is definitely pretty resistant to dreams. Nightmare isn’t that good at hand to hand which is why he’s lucky to have projectiles. Freddy Krueger is pretty tough….I guess…but this is one match that he won’t be winning. Nightmare (Marvel) wins.

Spiderman vs Nightmare (Marvel)

Spiderman’s got some pretty intense hand to hand skills and he’s always ready for a fight. Nightmare (Marvel) may be good at nightmares, but that won’t be enough to defeat an opponent of Spiderman’s level. Spiderman could defeat this guy pretty easily with some nice punch/kick combos. Spiderman wins.

Dr Strange vs Nightmare (Marvel)

Nightmare (Marvel) is back, but he’s not about to win this round. Dr Strange became the Sorcerer Supreme for a reason after all. His sorcery is leagues above most other fighters and it should be pretty easy to take Nightmare down. Nightmare (Marvel) just won’t stand a chance against him. Dr Strange wins.