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Belldandy vs Trigon

Suggested by Iknowledge Belldandy is a pretty skilled cosmic being who can create barriers that are hard to break. She also has mastery over the wind so she can fire a lot of wind techniques at Trigon although they will pale next to his overwhelming fire. I’d say that he has the edge here. While Belldandy’s cosmic abilities are uncanny, she isn’t quite as combat centered as Trigon is. He’s been through numerous fights over the years which should give him a considerable edge here. Trigon wins.

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Trigon vs Galactus

These two are both pretty powerful creatures who can end whole planets! Galactus is far better known and he’s almost a household name. Trigon has a lot of potential in the New 52, but at the moment, I don’t think that he could defeat Galactus. Galactus is just too powerful and he has the feats to back it up. His energy projection abilities are far superior to Trigon’s, which definitely gives him an edge. Galactus wins.

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Hobgoblin vs Trigon

Hobgoblin may be powerful, but in the end he still can’t take down Trigon. Trigon’s so powerful that he was even able to take down Superman. A pretty impressive feat when you think about it. He can also shoot impressive lasers that would take down Hobgoblin. Poor Hobgoblin never had a chance against such a being. Trigon wins.