Lady Octopus vs Hobgoblin

Suggested by Sonic Lady Octopus has some pretty good tech at her disposal. Her robotic arms in particular will pose the greatest threat to Hobgoblin since it means that he can’t approach her carelessly. He has super strength and a mild healing factor which will buy him some time. The real question is whether or not Hobgoblin’s attacks would be able to break through her barrier. I think they would be able to. His pumpkin bombs have been shown to be pretty powerful and his glider will help him dodge her counter attacks. Hobgoblin wins.

Thor vs Hobgoblin

The Hobgoblin is like the Green Goblin, but not quite as powerful. His tricks wouldn’t work on Thor. Thor is far too fast and one good hit is all he needs to take down Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin may have lost this match, but he may get a match in the future. Meanwhile Thor’s record increases with this win. Thor wins.

Hobgoblin vs Kazuki

Kazuki has his Sunlight Heart which can one shot Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin may be fast, but one hit from something as lethal as that and he’s toast. Kazuki won’t even need his super form to take him down this time. Hobgoblin is just doomed in this fight and takes a loss. He drops down the ranks. Kazuki wins.

Hobgoblin vs Trigon

Hobgoblin may be powerful, but in the end he still can’t take down Trigon. Trigon’s so powerful that he was even able to take down Superman. A pretty impressive feat when you think about it. He can also shoot impressive lasers that would take down Hobgoblin. Poor Hobgoblin never had a chance against such a being. Trigon wins.

Penguin vs Hobgoblin

Hobgoblin is back, and this time he’s here to pwn. Penguin has some hand to hand skills, but Hobgoblin has super strength and abilities that exceed Penguin’s abilities. Penguin takes a loss, but at least he tried to get a win. Penguin will be remembered. This I’m sure, we will remember! Hobgoblin wins.

Luke Skywalker vs Hobgoblin

Luke Skywalker is too strong for Hobgoblin. His sword skills and speed make him the stronger opponent. Not to mention his mastery of the force and his healing abilities. Hobgoblin just didn’t have the skills to win this match. Hobgoblin may have lost this round….but he’ll be back! Luke Skywalker wins.

Spiderman vs Hobgoblin

The Hobgoblin is usually overshadowed by other Spiderman villains like Venom and Green Goblin. Of course he is still a pretty big threat (sometimes) He always tries hard and does his best to take Spiderman down. Of course with Spiderman’s incredible battle experience Hobgoblin can’t surprise him. Spiderman would just beat him with the good ole Phoenix Force. That would stop him pretty easily. Spiderman wins.

Hobgoblin vs Riddler

Hobgoblin has his pumpkin bombs that will let him win this round. The Riddler takes another loss in this battle. Hobgoblin is just too powerful. He needed this win pretty badly. The Riddler can’t stop him now. Hobgoblin has always proved to be a tough fighter…..and he finally showed why it was worth it. Hobgoblin wins.

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin

Green Goblin is the original goblin. Hobgoblin may be strong, but he’s still not quite as strong as the Green Goblin. Green Goblin has Iron Man Tech at his disposal and can use it to take down many opponents. Hobgoblin just can’t last against that kind of raw power. Hobgoblin will be back, as will Green Goblin. They may both get more wins in the future. Green Goblin wins.

Happy Hogan vs Hobgoblin

Happy Hogan has put on the Iron Man suit twice, which gives him some skills. Of course that’s not enough to beat Hobgoblin. Usually it would, but Happy Hogan lacks the skills needed to defeat Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin gets another win and rises up the blog ranks. Happy Hogan takes another loss. Hobgoblin wins.