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Dante vs Luke Cage

Suggested by Anonymous Luke Cage is a pretty strong guy so Dante should still take this match seriously. However, the match will still be over in a flash because Luke Cage doesn’t have enough speed to keep up here. His bulletproof skin also isn’t strong enough to stop Dante’s blade so any way you slice it he is definitely at a disadvantage. I don’t see a way for him to get past Dante and as with most battles against this guy, Luke Cage has no way of hurting Dante for long. Dante wins.

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Guyver vs Luke Cage

Suggested by Anonymous Luke Cage is a pretty strong guy. He’s effectively bullet proof and has been slightly amped up in the past. The guy’s a powerhouse, but I would make the case that he isn’t quite as strong as Guyver. He certainly can’t keep up with the guy’s speed either which makes this a losing match for Luke all around. There isn’t any stat where Luke outranks Guyver and that is a serious problem if he wants to win. It’s very difficult to win a fight without some kind of edge. Guyver wins.

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Mermaid Man vs Luke Cage

Suggested by Destroyer Mermaid Man was a pretty strong hero back in his day, but retirement has been pretty rough for him. He just doesn’t scare opponents the way that he used too. Luke Cage is also every bit as tough as Mermaid Man so he is certainly not going to be pushed around in this fight. Whether they fight in the land or the sea, Luke Cage’s fighting prowess should win him the day. Luke Cage wins

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Piranha Jones vs Luke Cage

Piranha Jones is definitely an intense villain and you should remember him from Avengers EMH. That being said, he’s not a very good villain to be matched up against Luke Cage. Luke is very durable and his teeth probably wouldn’t do that much damage to him. Luke Cage has a lot of physical power and one good punch should take Jones out. Still, Marvel definitely did a good job thinking up this guy! Luke Cage wins.

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Superman vs Luke Cage

Luke Cage is strong in his own right, but he is not at Superman’s league. Superman has strength that is almost beyond comprehension. Luke Cage would be lucky if he could get any damage on him. Superman’s speed is also in a whole other league. This is why Superman is the most skilled comic book character of all time! Superman wins.

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Mr Incredible vs Luke Cage

Mr Incredible is pretty powerful. He’s taken on some pretty tough guys in the past, but I don’t think that he will be a match for Luke Cage. Luke Cage has gone up against guys like Juggernaut and Iron Fist in the past! His hand to hand skills are also better than Mr Incredible’s. Luke Cage wins.