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Magneton vs Mario

I’m afraid that not even the mighty plumber can defeat Magneton. Magneton has a lot of thunder techniques at his disposal and Mario’s cape won’t be able to deflect these attacks for long. Magneton also has a solid speed advantage that works in his favor. Mario has many power ups of his own, but none of them give him the speed that he needs to turn things around. It doesn’t help that Magneton has a huge array of attacks to choose from. Magneton wins.

Battles, Magneton Battles, Magnus Battles

Magneton vs Magnus

Magnus is back and he’s up against Magneton! If this fight came down to close quarters combat then Magneton would be doomed. Still, as long as he keeps his distance and spams his energy blasts, then I think that he takes the win in this round. Magnus couldn’t beat him. Magneton wins.