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Magneton vs Mario

I’m afraid that not even the mighty plumber can defeat Magneton. Magneton has a lot of thunder techniques at his disposal and Mario’s cape won’t be able to deflect these attacks for long. Magneton also has a solid speed advantage that works in his favor. Mario has many power ups of his own, but none of them give him the speed that he needs to turn things around. It doesn’t help that Magneton has a huge array of attacks to choose from. Magneton wins.

10 thoughts on “Magneton vs Mario”

  1. For starters, Mario has durability way higher than what Magneton’s attacks can put out. Not to mention he has tank through more powerful electrical attacks. In top of that he has armor that protects him from elemental attacks. How is Magneton faster than Mario? Unless if there’s a MFTL speed feat for Magneton that didn’t know about. Mario speedblitzes and one shots this fodder Pokemon.

    1. Well, for the most part Mario’s speed is relatively ordinary although he can boost it with power ups. Magneton naturally has a good amount of speed when he’s flying and his attacks are very powerful. Mario’s been shown to be knocked out by a single hit from Kamek and that blast wasn’t particularly strong. It only knocked off a bit of the castle when it hit. I don’t think Mario’s quite powerful enough to deal massive damage against Magneton either so it will take too long for him to win here.

      1. This Mario downplay. Mario has beaten Multiversal beings before and has tanked their attacks. Mario has speed feats that puts at MFTL. Wow using an PIS( Plot inducing stupidity) just to downplay his durability. That’s like saying Goku is rock level because he said “ouch” when Krillin threw a rock at him smh. You can’t be serious… Mario is extremely powerful to one shot a fodder like Magneton, you’re downplaying so hard.

      2. Goku was joking when he said that to Krillin though. He’s always trying to make sure that he doesn’t hurt the little guy’s self esteem since that usually wanes pretty easy. On the other hand, there was nothing about the Mario scene that seemed out of the ordinary. It may seem like downplaying, but I think it’s more that the feats people give him based on gameplay mechanics just aren’t as great as you’d think. For example, Mario’s not even supersonic, much less MFTL. Magneton would be having a field day with him.

  2. You are downplaying because that was still PIS as he has tanked worse things. Also nice excuse for Krillin cause that’s not really the case at all. You’re the one using gameplay mechanics and PIS to downplay Mario, like you can’t deny the feats. He does have MTFL feats tho, tf you on? Oh please, Magneton is a fodder, Mario easily claps him. Are you still stuck in 2010 where people would downplay Mario for the sake of downplaying? How does your brain even function thinking a fodder like Magneton has a chance against Mario? Lmao.

    1. I can give you other cutscenes that support this. Look at Super Paper Mario where Mario was one shotted or the Super Smash Bros Brawl opening where Petey Piranha one shotted him. Face it, it’s the gameplay mechanics that make Mario look good, but the actual cutscenes show where he is really at. I’m stuck in the early 90s where Mario had trouble with normal humans in the Super Mario Bros Super Show. Now that is the true Mario

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