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Dante vs Iron Fist

Suggested by Anonymous Iron Fist is a pretty tough guy, but he would get absolutely crushed the instant the match started if he was in normal mode. Fortunately for him he did absorb a portion of the Phoenix Force at one point. That at least lets him stay in the match for a little while, but it won’t be enough to handle Dante’s regenerative abilities nor can it stop Dante’s speed. This will be a cosmic clash for the ages, but Iron Fist just won’t be able to put Dante down for the count. Dante wins.

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Guyver vs Iron Fist

Suggested by Anonymous The Immortal Iron Fist was already a strong martial artist when he first became a crime fighter. His skills only improved even more once he obtained a fraction of the Phoenix Force. That being said, he’s not ready to handle someone like Guyver yet. Guyver has an incredible amount of strength and speed at his disposal and has more experience operating at such a high level. Iron Fist’s discipline will only carry him so far. He will still make this an interesting fight though. Guyver wins.

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Iron Fist vs Predator

Predators may be pretty great hunters, but their hand to hand skills definitely aren’t enough to take on the Iron Fist. Iron Fist is debatably the best martial artist in Marvel, so he’s already skilled without his Chi attacks. One full powered punch would be able to take the Predator down and end the match. Iron Fist wins.

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Shang Chi vs Iron Fist

MOKFAnn1_IronFist (1)
I would have assumed that Iron Fist was naturally a better hand to hand fighter than Shang Chi, but after researching the battle…it appears that Shang Chi is superior in a fist fight. Iron Fist has acknowledged his superiority and the feats do not lie. That being said, Iron Fist has improved a lot since their last battle and I believe that he would be able to win the battle. His mastery over his energy fist will give him an edge and as we saw in AVX….it packs quite a punch! Iron fist wins.

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Naruto vs Iron Fist
Iron Fist is a pretty good hand to hand fighter, but Naruto’s taijutsu is superior. His enhanced speed and power definitely help him take the win as well, but he won’t need his ninjutsu to finish this guy off. Iron Fist doesn’t have the endurance to keep on fighting after Naruto starts to land his attacks and he definitely doesn’t have the speed to dodge them. Naruto wins.

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Antman (Scott) vs Iron Fist

Antman (Scott) is back, but now he’s up against Iron Fist! I’d say that Antman (Scott) is pretty outmatched in this round! Iron Fist is a lot stronger than he is, plus he’s better at hand to hand combat. Iron Fist takes his first win, but he will be back shortly! Iron Fist wins.