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Antman (Scott) vs Ant

This is a tribute to Endgame. Scott looked really good in the film and at the end of the day he may as well have been the main character. He shows us all that you don’t need fancy super powers to do your job and bring hope back to the world. He may not get a whole lot of respect from the other Avengers, but deep down they know that without him they would have been completely doomed. What can an Ant do against such a leader? Antman (Scott) wins.

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Rodentia Ratburn vs Antman (Scott)

This is a tribute to the recent Antman and the Wasp movie. Antman may not be the greatest fighter around but he still looked pretty good in the movie and was ready to take on all challengers. Rodentia hasn’t really been shown to be much of a fighter over the years even if she does make for a good teacher. Her books will just be too heavy to carry once Antman has made them larger so then her odds of winning drop back to 0. Antman (Scott) wins.

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Antman (Scott) vs Iron Fist

Antman (Scott) is back, but now he’s up against Iron Fist! I’d say that Antman (Scott) is pretty outmatched in this round! Iron Fist is a lot stronger than he is, plus he’s better at hand to hand combat. Iron Fist takes his first win, but he will be back shortly! Iron Fist wins.

Antman (Scott) Battles, Antman Battles, Battles

Antman (Scott) vs Antman

Antman (Scott) is a tough guy, but in the end he can’t beat the original. Antman has his Yellow Jacket form and the ability to use Pym Particles to make his objects become big or small at any moment. He has the hand to hand advantage on Antman (Scott) and also more experience. Antman (Scott) just couldn’t win this round. Antman wins.