Espio vs Storm (Sonic)

Suggested by Sonic Storm is strong and his air gear allows him to move at super speeds but it is always better to be able to move like that naturally. That’s where Espio has the big advantage here. He can easily outmaneuver Storm and stay in the lead for the entire fight. It will be awfully difficult for Storm to try and counter his quick blows, not to mention that Espio’s invisibility can also be handy here. Espio wins.

Iron Fist vs Espio

Suggested by Destroyer Iron Fist may usually get rolled if he fought Espio in base form but he once obtained the Phoenix Force which is an incredible boost. Espio has super speed so you don’t want to count him out entirely but it isn’t quite in the same level as Sonic or Shadow. Espio may be able to dodge some attacks but ultimately I don’t see any way for him to actually fight back hard enough to get the win. Iron Fist can unleash a massive fire blast and win the round just like that. Iron Fist wins.

Naruto vs Espio

Espio is a pretty quick guy, but will his ninja skills be a match for Naruto’s? Naruto has his Rasengan attack and one hit would definitely be fatal for Espio. Espio is tough and all, but this is one match that he just won’t be able to win. None of his attacks will be able to reach Naruto and he doesn’t have enough speed to dodge any of Naruto’s attacks. Naruto wins.