Lady Octopus vs Hobgoblin

Suggested by Sonic Lady Octopus has some pretty good tech at her disposal. Her robotic arms in particular will pose the greatest threat to Hobgoblin since it means that he can’t approach her carelessly. He has super strength and a mild healing factor which will buy him some time. The real question is whether or not Hobgoblin’s attacks would be able to break through her barrier. I think they would be able to. His pumpkin bombs have been shown to be pretty powerful and his glider will help him dodge her counter attacks. Hobgoblin wins.

Lady Octopus vs Anguirus

Anguirus is back, but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to score two wins in a row this time! Lady Octopus is too formidable thanks to her protective barriers. Her tentacles are very powerful and they will deal some damage to Anguirus wit every hit. Eventually, even this Kaiju will crumble and Lady Octopus will have scored her win. It is a close fight as a good hit from Anguirus could still end the match, but her force fields should hold. Lady Octopus wins.

Gon vs Lady Octopus

Lady Octopus is a lot like Doctor Octopus. Except her tentacles aren’t as strong as Doctor Octopus’s toughest tentacles but they’re faster. She can also make barriers, but those won’t help her because she’s fighting the super kid Gon. Gon is strong and fast, but he stays true. Gon wins.