Luke Skywalker vs Naruto

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Luke Skywalker has the force within him which is a great ability to have. That said, it still isn’t enough to make up for their overall difference in ability. Naruto can end the world with one of his giant Rasengans while Luke would just not be able to counter with his force push. The difference in speed is also immense so Luke wouldn’t be able to follow Naruto’s moves. At the end of the day he has no path to victory. Naruto wins.

Battra vs Luke Skywalker

Suggested by Destroyer Battra can fire powerful energy blasts and was even able to give Godzilla a run for his money a while back. That ultimately begs the question, can Battra really hold his own against Luke in a prolonged fight? Well, he has good offense but ultimately I see him losing this because he has no defense against the Lightsaber. Luke can quickly go in there and slice him to bits while using the Force to dodge counter blows. Luke Skywalker wins.

Edward (Twilight) vs Luke Skywalker

Suggested by Sonic Luke Skywalker is a Jedi Master. While he may have had his share of losses over the years, he will easily be able to dispatch Edward. Edward has super speed and a little strength but it’s not enough here. Luke can throw him around with the Force and a single hit from his Lightsaber would win him the match. Edward won’t be able to get close and has no good long range options to counter Luke’s advantage. Luke Skywalker wins.

Luke Skywalker vs Kumonga

Suggested by iKnowledge Luke Skywalker is a powerful Jedi. In fact it is fair to say that he is one of the strongest Jedi to ever pick up a Lightsaber. Kumonga is a powerful Kaiju, but he isn’t ready to deal with power on that level. Luke can use his force abilities to keep Kumonga at bay or to assist him in dodging any possible attacks. From there a few swings should quickly seal the deal. As formidable as Kumonga is, he simply isn’t ready to deal with such a versatile opponent. Luke Skywalker wins.

Luke Skywalker vs Guyver

Suggested by Anonymous Guyver has returned and Luke is his next victim. Luke may be one with the force, but his powers are nothing next to the Guyver’s. Guyver has an array of energy blasts which would absolutely vaporize Luke as soon as they land. Guyver also has a massive edge in both speed and power so it’s unlikely that Luke can quite keep up or try to parry with his lightsaber. His human limitations will be the end of him. Guyver wins.

Lazerman vs Luke Skywalker

Suggested by Destroyer Luke Skywalker is a tough Jedi master who is one with the Force but his limitations are made quite apparent throughout all of the movies. He is strong, but not strong enough to take down someone like Lazerman. Lazerman is quite fast so throwing objects won’t work and while Luke is skilled with the light saber, he wouldn’t be able to land a hit against Lazerman’s onslaught of beams and punches. Lazerman wins.

Han Solo vs Luke Skywalker

Han Solo actually managed to get two straight wins to start off his blog career which is really impressive. The guy has definitely got heart which makes up for not having any powers. Still, he won’t be able to beat a Jedi half-master like Luke. Luke got pretty far in his training so deflecting gun blasts should be easy for him. There’s no way Han can break through his defenses. Luke Skywalker wins.

Starkiller vs Luke Skywalker

Suggested by Destroyer I’ve been waiting to do this fight for quite a while. Now that I have finally completed the game, this is my chance. Luke may have been the son of the chosen one, but he never displayed the same level of power as the Starkiller. Starkiller has ripped apart whole ships in the past and his Force proficiency is on a whole different level. He may get hit by a lot of cheap shots but his guard will be up for this fight. Starkiller wins.

Dark Vader vs Luke Skywalker

This is certainly a classic battle. Dark Vader always appeared to have the edge over Luke in their battles. Luke continued to grow stronger as a Jedi Master though and as Dark Vader has not been around in a while, he has not been able to do the same. So, did Luke ever actually surpass Dark Vader or has he reached his limit? I’d actually argue that Dark Vader is still Luke’s superior and especially when you consider that Luke stopped training for a very long time. Any potential that Luke may have had is certainly long gone now. Luke is a formidable fighter and that will not change, but I believe Dark Vader to be superior with his force abilities and also deadlier with his Lightsaber. He’s pulled off feats far greater than Luke’s and his knowledge of the light and the dark will serve him well. Perhaps Luke will change my mind in Episode VIII. Dark Vader wins.
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Jotaro Kujo vs Luke Skywalker

Jotaro Kujo makes his debut onto the blog with this battle and he’s up against Luke Skywalker! Luke’s lightsaber is a great weapon and he can also use The Force to a mild extent. Luckily for Jotaro; his stand is quick enough to ensure that they will always be out of range and a counter attack would not be out of the question. Luke just won’t be able to cope with Jotaro’s speed and Luke isn’t known for his incredible feats of defense. Jotaro Kujo wins.