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Jotaro Kujo vs Toriko

Toriko is back and it’s time for him to go up against another Jo Jo character. I would say that Toriko once again has the edge in strength. He would be able to overpower Kujo’s Stand and then make quick work out of him with his famed Spiked Punch. Jotaro Kujo could possibly endure a few hits from that technique, but he would definitely go down eventually. Toriko wins.

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Joseph Joestar vs Jotaro Kujo

Joseph Joestar makes his debut onto t he blog with this round and it is time to face off against Kujo. Jotaro does have a really impressive Stand, but I don’t believe that it will make up for his inferior physical abilities. Joseph has a pretty solid edge when it comes to a fight and I don’t believe that he would lose. Joseph Joestar wins.

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Jonathan Joestar vs Jotaro Kujo

Jonathan Joestar makes his debut on the blog and it’s against another character from the Jo Jo franchise. Jotaro is pretty skilled in his own right and those wind abilities of his can be pretty fierce. That being said, Jonathan is physically a lot more capable than Jotaro and his super strength should be enough to deal with Kujo’s stand. Having a healing factor to back him up is another edge for Jonathan. Jonathan Joestar wins.

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Jotaro Kujo vs Bass

Jotaro Kujo is back, but he’s no match for the incredible power of Bass! Bass is the strongest being in all of media and one good punch would shatter Kujo’s Stand and likely end the match as well. Jotaro just isn’t used to facing that kind of power and there are very few who wouldn’t faint at the sight of his full power. Bass wins.

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Jotaro Kujo vs Luke Skywalker

Jotaro Kujo makes his debut onto the blog with this battle and he’s up against Luke Skywalker! Luke’s lightsaber is a great weapon and he can also use The Force to a mild extent. Luckily for Jotaro; his stand is quick enough to ensure that they will always be out of range and a counter attack would not be out of the question. Luke just won’t be able to cope with Jotaro’s speed and Luke isn’t known for his incredible feats of defense. Jotaro Kujo wins.