Joseph Joestar vs Coco

Joseph Joestar is back and now he’s up against a new fighter to the blog! Coco specializes in poison, but he can also fight mano a mano if he needs too. Joseph Joestar is definitely more experienced in close quarters combat so he would theoretically have the edge, but Coco’s lethal poisons would ultimately give him the edge. Joseph Joestar simply could not keep up as the poisons sapped away at his strength. Coco wins.

Shikamaru vs Joseph Joestar

Shikamaru is a very smart fighter and he has some decent offensive capabilities as well thanks to his Shadow Stitching jutsu. His big weakness is hand to hand combat and that’s an area where Joseph Joestar excels. Shikamaru can keep him at bay for a while, but Joseph will eventually break through his defenses. That will be the end of the match since Joseph’s physical abilities are far too great for Shikamaru to last against for very long. Joseph Joestar wins.

Joseph Joestar vs Jonathan Joestar

This is a pretty close battle as both of these combatants have similar fighting techniques. Not to mention that their overall ability is at around the same level. I would have to give Jonathan Joestar the edge because both of them specialize in close combat, but Jonathan seems to have the strength advantage. In such a close fight, that can be critical to victory and Jonathan’s sword won’t let him down! Jonathan Joestar wins.

Joseph Joestar vs Jotaro Kujo

Joseph Joestar makes his debut onto t he blog with this round and it is time to face off against Kujo. Jotaro does have a really impressive Stand, but I don’t believe that it will make up for his inferior physical abilities. Joseph has a pretty solid edge when it comes to a fight and I don’t believe that he would lose. Joseph Joestar wins.