Shikamaru vs Joseph Joestar

Shikamaru is a very smart fighter and he has some decent offensive capabilities as well thanks to his Shadow Stitching jutsu. His big weakness is hand to hand combat and that’s an area where Joseph Joestar excels. Shikamaru can keep him at bay for a while, but Joseph will eventually break through his defenses. That will be the end of the match since Joseph’s physical abilities are far too great for Shikamaru to last against for very long. Joseph Joestar wins.

2 thoughts on “Shikamaru vs Joseph Joestar

  1. Thanks for posting that one, though I would have enjoyed some more comment on their strategic takes on a battle – after all, this is really more of a battle of wits than a battle of strength. I still come to the same conclusion – they’re about as cunning as each other, but given their various abilities I think Joseph may have more to work with. Either way, thanks for posting this one

    Incidently, did you see the conclusion post for Iron Man vs Bitil?

    • I know that Shikamaru is a very strategic fighter, but I figured Joseph as more of a straight brawler based on his abilities and his “secret” technique. That’s interesting to hear as I definitely missed the Joseph being cunning part. Guess I gotta look more into it. From a fighting stand point, I’d likely give Shikamaru the edge in strategies during battle, but his strategies usually work best when he has partners so that he can maximize their abilities. In a one on one fight scenario; it will be tough to come up with a plan that will be able to stop Joseph since Joseph is very quick and he would be right on top of him.

      Yes, I noticed the new post. I haven’t had time to go in and comment yet since today’s been pretty busy but I’ll definitely go check it out before the day is over. (My day ends in 4-6 hours) So you can definitely expect a comment on that one really soon!

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