The BioLizard vs Bahamut (SIN)

Suggested by Destroyer The BioLizard is one of the strongest Sonic monsters out there. It took the combined might of both Super Sonic and Super Shadow to take him down. While Bahamut looked rather strong during his appearance in Advent Children, it was a very small cameo so there was only so much that he could do. I don’t think he has enough durability to stand up to The BioLizard’s attacks and eventually he will simply fall. There’s just no taking down a monster like this one. The BioLizard wins.


Bahamut (SIN) vs Juggernaut

Requested by Destroyer Bahamut SIN is a very dangerous foe who caused a lot of chaos over in the Advent Children film. His raw attack power and durability are very high, but a lack of speed hurts Bahamut to an extent. Juggernaut isn’t exactly a speedster himself, but he is certainly faster than Bahamut. Juggernaut has been able to fully tap into the Cytorrak power he possesses in the past, which will be immensely helpful here. It gave him even more strength and this is one fist fight that Bahamut SIN will not be able to win. Juggernaut wins.

Bahamut (SIN) vs Blastman

Bahamut SIN is strong, but he is very slow so dodging Blastman’s attacks will be very difficult. The answer isn’t really if he can dodge, but whether he can last long enough to eventually land a good shot in and take the win. I don’t think the Bahamut’s defensive abilities are good enough to win this battle of defense and Blastman will get in enough shots to secure his win. He may have not been too memorable, but he had his moments. Blastman wins.

Bahamut (SIN) vs Chunk

Bahamut (SIN) is back and he’s up against…The Chunk! The Chunk has been losing a lot lately, but maybe that will stop soon…not in this battle though! Bahamut (SIN) is far too powerful and he just needs one good energy strike to win this round. The Chunk wouldn’t be able to stop him. Bahamut (SIN) wins.

Bahamut (SIN) vs Light

Light is back, but now he’s up against a pretty powerful opponent! Bahamut (SIN) has a pretty powerful energy/fire blast that can take down Light in a single shot. Light’s pretty athletic and he’s got a gun, but his agility won’t be able to save him for long. Bahamut (SIN) is just far too powerful. Bahamut (SIN) wins.

Chaos Bahamut vs Bahamut (SIN)

Chaos Bahamut makes his debut match on the blog. He’s a pretty fierce creature and it’s hard to imagine how any being could even hope to stop him! His speed is pretty intense and his power is hard to stop! Bahamut (SIN) has a pretty impressive blast, but it won’t be enough to win. Chaos Bahamut wins.

Bahamut (SIN) vs Lazerman

Bahamut (SIN) is back after a long break, but it’s for a loss. Lazerman’s far too fast and his hand to hand skills are pretty intense. One good punch and Bahamut (SIN) could be down for the count. Bahamut (SIN) is big, but this is why he lacks speed and ability. If only he has some more hand to hand skills. Lazerman wins.