Kefka Palazzo vs Cloud

Kefka Palazzo is a very powerful Final Fantasy villain and definitely one of the most iconic ones. Just amount everyone knows who this figure is, but Cloud is still coming out on top here. He was able to take down Sephiroth who was the strongest Final Fantasy opponent. Kefka has many different laswers and other abilities but Cloud is fast enough to get past all of them and deliver some really punishing blows to end the fight quickly. Cloud wins.

Squall Leonhart vs Cloud

Cloud returns once more to take down another Final Fantasy character. Squall Leonhart is no lightweight and would be able to hold his own for a while but ultimately he’s not taking someone like Cloud down. Cloud’s abilities are much too powerful/dangerous. With his limit break and speed feats shown in Advent Children there is no way that he can be defeated. Squall doesn’t begin to match up and will need a solid power up in order to go against Cloud. Cloud wins.

Elliot Nightray vs Cloud

Elliot is a good guy who fights hard and never backs down. He’s the kind of person that you want in your corner but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that he’s super strong. Cloud would easily win this round without breaking a sweat. Cloud’s taken down foes far more powerful than Mr. Nightray after all. Cloud wins.

Cloud vs Zoro

Suggested by Destroyer This is definitely a close one. Both Cloud and Zoro are tremendously powerful and have more tools up their sleeve than simple sword strikes. Zoro has advanced haki and Cloud has his limit abilities and elemental spells. Ultimately I would give this to Zoro though. His skills have kept on improving at a rapid pace while Cloud has had to mostly remain still for a while. By Wano Zoro’s speed and power appear to both be superior to Cloud’s. I don’t think he would be able to keep up in this fight. Zoro wins.

Epsilon vs Cloud

Suggested by Sonic Epsilon is a powerful long range fighter who can not only shoot energy blasts of imaginable power but he can also create force fields to block enemy attacks. This really makes him a fierce fighter for any opponent, but Cloud should be able to break through with his limit break. From there it’s just a matter of using his materia wisely and Cloud has enough experience where he should be able to get this done without too much of a hassle. Cloud wins.

Cloud vs Vaan

Vaan is a powerful Final Fantasy protagonist. In a lot of ways he can match Cloud spell for spell. That said when it comes to physical abilities he has not shown that he can move at the same speed as someone like Cloud. Cloud has his Limit Break at the ready and he can move at insane speeds in that form. Vaan will put up a good fight but will ultimately be overwhelmed. Cloud wins.

Garnet (Final Fantasy) vs Cloud

Garnet is a pretty talented Final Fantasy fighter but there are few who can hold up to Cloud in that verse. Cloud’s exceptionally gifted with a blade and moves at speeds that are considered almost unthinkable. None of Garnet’s spells will do a whole lot of good here and Cloud’s summons will counter any that are thrown at him. No matter how you slice it, Garnet is not going to be able to do a whole lot here. Cloud is just on a completely different level. Cloud wins.

Sandslash vs Cloud

Suggested by Anonymous Sandslash is a cool looking Pokemon and I’d say that he is quite underrated from the original lineup. That being said, there isn’t a whole lot that he can do against Cloud. Cloud can fight at super speeds and has swordplay that is second to none. Sandslash would be on the defensive the entire time and when it comes to stats Cloud is superior in all of the important ones. Cloud wins.

Luminary vs Cloud

Suggested by Sonic Luminary is a talented fighter. He’s got a lot of equipment and spells as you would expect from such a legendary hero. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to trade blows with Cloud yet. Cloud’s power is incredible and a single slash could do massive damage. Cloud can shatter his limits and soar to new heights in the middle of a fight. Luminary would quickly be unable to keep up with him and that’s when Cloud would delver the finishing strike. Cloud wins.

Ifrit vs Cloud

Suggested by Sonic Ifrit is a pretty powerful fire monster who can devastate whole areas with a single attack. He is fast and strong, but Cloud surpasses Ifrit in all of those categories. Cloud is the ultimate fighter and that’s not something that comes easily. As soon as his limit is on deck he can slice away at Ifrit and take him down for the count in no time. Ifrit just didn’t stand a chance. Cloud wins.