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Sandslash vs Cloud

Suggested by Anonymous Sandslash is a cool looking Pokemon and I’d say that he is quite underrated from the original lineup. That being said, there isn’t a whole lot that he can do against Cloud. Cloud can fight at super speeds and has swordplay that is second to none. Sandslash would be on the defensive the entire time and when it comes to stats Cloud is superior in all of the important ones. Cloud wins.

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Luminary vs Cloud

Suggested by Sonic Luminary is a talented fighter. He’s got a lot of equipment and spells as you would expect from such a legendary hero. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to trade blows with Cloud yet. Cloud’s power is incredible and a single slash could do massive damage. Cloud can shatter his limits and soar to new heights in the middle of a fight. Luminary would quickly be unable to keep up with him and that’s when Cloud would delver the finishing strike. Cloud wins.

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Ifrit vs Cloud

Suggested by Sonic Ifrit is a pretty powerful fire monster who can devastate whole areas with a single attack. He is fast and strong, but Cloud surpasses Ifrit in all of those categories. Cloud is the ultimate fighter and that’s not something that comes easily. As soon as his limit is on deck he can slice away at Ifrit and take him down for the count in no time. Ifrit just didn’t stand a chance. Cloud wins.

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Cloud vs Diddy Kong

Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong has returned once more and he is definitely not going to go down without a fight. He has his banana guns and knows some basic combat skills, but none of it will be enough to do much to Cloud. Cloud is one of the chosen fighters of legend and has a lot of sweet limit moves. His air slashes alone would prove insurmountable to Diddy. All Diddy can do is wait for his defeat and hope that he is at least able to land a hit. Cloud wins.

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Snake Eyes vs Cloud

Suggested by Destroyer Snake Eyes is a skilled ninja who prefers to operate in total silence. This really lets him concentrate on making sure that his hits are as precise as possible. Cloud has no need for such a tactic though and prefers to win with raw power. A single swing from his sword is enough to win the match if the hit connects. I can’t stress enough just how strong Cloud is. He is in a completely different league from most sword fighters and over time I’ve grown to accept that this is okay. Some fighters simply are that good and it’s why FFVII will always be legendary. Cloud wins.

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Cloud vs Sora

Suggested by Destroyer “It always ends the same way” is probably one of the best quotes in all of Final Fantasy. “Can’t smile about that one” is a close second. The reason these quotes are so awesome is they give Cloud a lot of depth. He is incredibly powerful and he knows it. Sora is also strong with all of his Keyblade forms but he just doesn’t have the speed or raw power to take Cloud on. Once Cloud’s limit is on deck, it’s all over. Cloud wins.

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Dracula vs Cloud

This is a tribute to Dracula Came Back From The Grave. Definitely another run of the mill Dracula film and as always the main vampire looked bad as well. He just has a habit or tripping and falling onto lethal objects. You never get the impression that he is even remotely on Cloud’s level if we’re being honest here. A single Limit Slash will take Dracula down for the count. Cloud could probably even beat Dracula without his sword, that’s just how good he is. Cloud wins.

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Valerian vs Cloud

This is a tribute to Valerian and the 1000 Planet film. Valerian may be known as an expert soldier who carries out his missions, but you wouldn’t know that from watching the movie. He makes a lot of rookie mistakes and nearly bungles the operation. He even gets knocked out and would have died if not for his partner. Cloud is a swordsman who knows how to work solo and he could fight rings around Valerian. Cloud wins.

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Kyle Rayner vs Cloud

Suggested by Destroyer Kyle is one of the stronger Green Lanterns. He had mastered all of the colors and has a lot of raw power to match his active imagination. While in the offensive Kyle will be able to keep Cloud busy with all of his energy blasts. However Cloud will slowly start to chip away at the distance between them until he is able to land some blows. Kyle’s defenses will only be able to hold out for so long until he is taken down for the count. Cloud wins.

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Cloud vs Allen

Suggested by Destroyer Allen is a very powerful fighter and his speed is fairly good as well. That being said, I don’t see him being able to keep up with Cloud. Cloud was able to handle multiple opponents at once and barely even broke a sweat. His skills are just on a different level compared to most others. This will be a closer fight than I would have thought a few years ago, but the outcome has not changed. Perhaps if D Grayman can continue its run for a little longer, Allen will get a power up that changes things. Until then, he has no real chance. Cloud wins.